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what is authority?

the power to carry out a task or to instruct someone else to do it


what's responsibility?

the person or job role that is responsible for ensuring something is done


define delegation

the passing of authority (power) down an organisational structure


what's an organisational structure?

the way a firm organises the activities that need to be done- either tall or flat


define what an organisational chart is

a diagram which illustrates the organisational structure i.e- the way that activities are organised


what are levels of hierarchy?

the levels of authority (power) in an organisation that exist from the chief executive to the worker on the shop floor


what's a chain of command?

the line of authority from the chief executive via the manager and supervisor to the shop floor. it is also a communication route


define span of control

the number of workers who are directly responsible to a manager or supervisor- narrow or wide


what's centralisation?

this is when decision making is concentrated among a small number of managers at the top/centre of an organisational structure


what is human resource or workforce planning?

a comprehensive process that provides managers with a framework for making staffing decisions based on an organisations corporate objectives and strategic plans. it aims to ensure the right number of people with the right skills, experience and competencies are in the right place at the right time


what's recruitment?

the process businesses go through to attract the right people to apply for a job


define training

this is the process through which a worker acquires the job related skills and knowledge needed to do a job


what's redeployment?

usually means moving people to different jobs because their existing job is no longer needed. it sometimes involves moving people to a different job because they are not good enough at their existing one


define redundancy

occurs when a job function is no longer required. as a result, the person doing the job is no longer needed and loses their job and are not replaced with someone else


define job design

the process of putting individual tasks together to create a job that someone is employed to do


what are the 4 techniques used in job design?

job enlargement
(horizontal loading)

job enrichment
(vertical loading)


team working


describe what job enlargement is?

giving workers a wider range of tasks to do to add variety and enable them to see a particular production process from start to finish. can involve job rotation moving workers from one task to another


what's job enrichment?

jobs are redesigned to include more challenging and complex tasks which are more interesting


what's empowerment?

this is intended to give employees greater control over their working lives by giving them the power to make decisions about issues that affect them


define team working

work is broken down into large units and teams are given the responsibility to complete the work