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what's revenue?

the amount of income a firm receives from producing and selling a specific number of goods


what are costs?

the costs of producing a specific number of goods


profit is...

a profit is made when a firms revenue is greater than its total costs


define gross profit

the difference between a firms revenue and the cost of making or buying the products sold i.e. cost of sales


what is net/operating profit?

the profit left after all the operating costs incurred in the normal trading activities of the business are deducted from revenue


what is profit for the year?

the is a measure of a firms profit after a wider range of expenditure and incomes have been taken into account and after tax has been deducted


what is investment (capital expenditure)?

the purchase of assets such as property and equipment that will be used by a business for a considerable time


what's return on investment?

a measure of the efficiency of an investment in financial terms, often used to compare the returns of alternative investment opportunities


define debt

money owed by an individual or organisation that need to be repaid by an agreed date


what's long term funding?

money provided to a business that does not have to be repaid within a year it can be debt or share capital


define capital structure

the way a firm has raised the capital it requires to purchase its assets. it could be by borrowing, reinventing profit of issuing shares


what's cash flow?

the continuous movement of money into and out of a business


what's a financial objective?

the targets that the finance department may pursue