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define commission

this is an agreed percentage of the value of the goods and services that are sold. mostly used to reward sales staff


what is piece rate?

workers are paid an agreed amount for each unit of output they produce. most common in manufacturing such as textiles and electronics


define performance related pay

when some part of an employees pay is linked to the achievement of performance targets. they are an incentive scheme which is intended to reward workers for their contributions


what is job design?

the process of putting individual tasks together to create a job that someone is employed to do


define job enlargement (horizontal loading)

giving workers a wider range of tasks to do to add variety and enable them to see a particular production process from start to finish- can include job rotation


what is job enrichment? (vertical loading)

jobs are redesigned to include more challenging and complex tasks which are more interesting


define empowerment

this is intended to give employees greater control over their working lives by giving them power to make decisions about issues that affect them. linked to delegation


what are developmental appraisal schemes?

these schemes measure employee performance with the aim of helping workers to achieve further improvement


define team working

work is broken down into large units (opposite of division labour) and teams are given the responsibility to complete the work


what is a salary?

pay expressed as a yearly amount but paid monthly