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define leadership

deciding on the purpose (mission) or direction of an organisation, setting objectives and inspiring staff to achieve the firms objectives to achieve that mission


what's an autocratic/authoritarian?

a leader who tells people what to do, using communication. often linked to taylor's motivation methods


define paternalistic

a leader which is a father figure. they may consult but they make the decisions, and do what they think is in the best interests if the firm and everyone concerned with it


what is a democratic leadership style?

a wide range of people in a business are involved in decision making


what's laisez faire?

a 'hands off' approach and is common where creativity and initiative are required. the workers and teams tend to be self-managing


what's the tannenbaum and schmidt continuum?

a model of leadership which compares the level of authority kept by the manager to the level of freedom workers have to make decisions


what is the blake moulton grid?

this looks at the degree to which managers and leaders are people orientated or task/production orientated


what are the 5 styles on the blake moulton grid? describe them

1.1 impoverished style- low concern and focus for task and people
1.9 country club style- highly focuses on people, low focus on the task
5.5 middle of the road- focus on task and people equally, but aims are never fully met
9.1 produce or perish style- high emphasis on task, little concern for people
9.9 team style- high focus on task and people


when would the country club style be appropriately used?

dealing with highly experienced/skilled workers who don't need much supervision


what are the 4 approaches on the tannebaum and schmidt continuum?

tells- tell them what to do
sells- convince/persuade
consults- consult ideas with others
delegates- ask others to make decisions for you


what are the strengths of the blake moulton grid?

1. measures two factors whereas tannenbaum and schmidt only measures one factor
2. understands that some leaders are driven solely by results/success- more widely known among managers than the continuum
3. labels used such as 'county club' make it easy to visualise and understand


strengths of the tannebaum and schmidt continuum

1. gives basis for not only analysis but also for action- new selection leaders to train on how to develop the more democratic aspects of leadership
2. gives bosses a measure by which they can judge their own approach


what is management?

getting things done by planning, organising and co-ordinating people and resources to achieve a specified objective