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what is a HR objective?

the targets set by the HR function/department to help achieve the organisations objectives


what are 'hard' HRM strategies?

people are seen as resources to be used as efficiently as possible. they focus on detailed workforce planning to get the right number of people with the right skills in the right place at the right time


what are 'soft' HRM strategies?

they see people as the most important resource available to a firm. they focus on developing and motivating workers to meet the organisations present and future needs


what 6 factors will impacts on demand for a firm's products and services?

- employee engagement and involvement
- talent development
- training
- diversity
- alignment of values
- number, skills and location of employees


what is engagement?

the connection between employees and the firm's mission, aims and objectives- firms want employees who are interested and focused on what they're doing and how they can improve


what's involvement?

the ability of employees to contribute to developing the business


what is talent development?

focuses on ensuring employees fulfil their potential and therefore contribute fully to the organisation


define training in HRM

concerned with improving an individual's job related skills and knowledge to improve their ability to do their current job


what is diversity?

by having a diverse workforce in terms of ethnicity, sex, race, disability, religion, sexuality, class and age, firms may increase their range of skills and experiences that workers have


define alignment of values

organisations often have a core set of values and beliefs which can have major influence on the type of decisions made and the way they are made. it is important that employees understand and share those core values to ensure a shared sense of purpose and consistency in people's approach to issues over time


what is number, skills and location of employees?

firms need to ensure that they have the right number of workers with the skills required in the right place at the right time


what two types of workers make up the theory of the flexible firm?

core workers and peripheral workers


what are the characteristics of core workers?

- full time
- highly skilled
- important jobs
- job security


what are the characteristics of peripheral workers?

- part time
- temps/ seasonal
- self-employed/ sub-contractors
- hired when needed


define human resource management (HRM)

a strategic approach to managing people that emphasises the importance of planning and developing the workforce to achieve the overall objectives of the business