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The state of being worthy of respect, generally composed and to do with pride



Regarding a decision or action that is removed from judgement or partiality. Rules or values that are evenly distributed or inflicted on individuals.



acknowledging the value and worth of an individual


human right

A moral principal or standard for the treatment and acknowledgement of humans in a society. They are basic rights that are meant to be inherent to all human beings.


violations of human rights

Actions made my actors that directly ignore, exploit or go against a designated human right.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

A doctrine of human rights established by the United Nations General assembly. It was enshrined to make moves to first acknowledge that human rights are universal among all humans, and then to protect them.


Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (1990)

A doctrine of human rights established by the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). It sought to provide an alternate bill of rights to the largely western views presented in the UDHR. Generally follows the stipulations of Islam.


western perspective

A perspective imposed by western states (e.g., the US, UK, France, Germany), generally individualistic, and quite present in the UDHR. Often secular.


Eastern perspective

A perspective imposed by Eastern states (e.g. Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia), generally collectivistic, and led to the drafting of the CDHRI in order to combat generally prevailing western ideologies.