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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

When passed through limewater (Ca(OH)2), a white precipitate forms (CaCO3)


Carbon Monoxide (CO)

After being burned, the product passed through limewater (Ca(OH)2) forms a white precipitate


Hydrogen (H2)

Gas explodes after being mixed with air and ignited
Burns with blue flame and product H2O turns cobalt chloride paper from blue to pink


Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)

Choking odor
Vapor fumes form when you exhale over this gas
After dissolving this in water, it turns blue litmus red
White precipitate forms when this is mixed with AgNO3


Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Rotten egg smell
Turns brown-black when tested with moist lead acetate paper (forms PbS)


Oxygen (O2)

If glowing splint inserted into this gas, bursts into flames
Add NO gas (nitric oxide) then this turns reddish brown


Ammonia (NH3)

Sharp odor
Turns red litmus blue
White fumes form when exposed to HCl (NH4Cl)