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- (as amended by PD no. 11) - Private security agencylaw.

RA no. 5487


- is any person who for hire or reward or on commission conducts or carries on or holds himself out as conducting or carrying on a detective agency or detective service.

Private Detective Agency


- any person who is not a member of a regular police agency or armed forces who does detective work for hire,reward or commission.

Private Detective


- Philippine Association of Detective and Private Agency Operators.



- person who offers or renders personal service to watch or secure either residential or business establishment or both or any building,compound or area for hire or compensation or as an employee thereof.

Watchmen/Security Guard


- any person, association, partnership or corporation who recruits, trains, muster ,furnishes, solicit individuals or business firms, private or government owned or controlled corporation to engage his services or those of its watchmen.

Security Agency


Who May Organize Security Agency

1. Any Filipino Citizen or a corporation, partnership or association.
2. With a minimum capital required by law.

• In case of corporation, association, or partnership - must be 100 % owned and controlled by Filipino citizen.
• No person shall organize or have interest in more than one agency.


Qualification of an Operator or Manager of a Security Agency:

1. At least 25 years of age
2. College graduate and/or commissioned officer in the
inactive service of the AFP
3. Good moral character
4. No previous record of any conviction of any
crime/offense involving moral turpitude
5. Not suffering from any of the following

1. dishonorably discharged or separate from the AFP
2. mentally incompetent
3. addicted to the use of narcotic drugs
4. habitual drunkard
• An elective or appointive government employees who may be called upon on account of the function of their respective offices in the implementation and enforcement of the provision of RA 5487 and person related to such government employees by affinity or consanguinity in the third civil degree shall not hold any interest, directly or indirectly in any security guard agency.


Basic Qualification of a security Guard

1. Filipino citizen
2. High school graduate
3. Physically and mentally fit
4. Not less than 21 nor more than 50 years old
5. At least 5'4" in height
6. Not suffering from any disqualification under RA


1. No agency operating in the City of manila and
suburbs may employ more than 1000 watchmen or
security guards.
2. No agency operating in other cities and first class
municipalities may employ more than 500 watchmen
or security guards.
3. No agency operating in municipalities other than
first class may employ more than 200 watchmen or
security guards.
4. No person, corporation, partnership or association
may organize more than one agency in any one city
or municipality.
5. No agency shall offer, render or accept services to
gambling dens or other illegal enterprises.
6. The extent of the security service being provided
by any security agency shall not go beyond the
whole compound or property of the person or
establishment requesting the security service
except when they escort big amount of cash.

Limitations and Prohibitions on a Security Agency