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Private Data What Is It?

Private information should be held in a manner that prevents unauthorised access which can be done by only allowing appropriate users that have logged onto to be granted access.

Disclosure of this information is not intended, and may incur some negative publicity, but is unlikely to cause severe financial or repetitional damage.


Confidential Data What Is It?

Confidential information has significant value for companies and unauthorised disclosure or dissemination could result in severe financial or repetitional damage, including fines of up to £500,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office


Sensitive Data What Is It?

Must be protected from unauthorised access to safeguard the privacy or security of an individual or organization such as medical records, home addresses, bank information etc.


Public Data What Is It?

Public information can be disclosed or disseminated without any restrictions on content, audience or time of publication.


Personal Data What Is It?

Sensitive personally identifiable information is data that can be traced back to an individual and that, if disclosed, could result in harm to that person.


Business Data What Is It?

Sensitive business information includes anything that poses a risk to the company in question if discovered by a competitor or the general public.


Classified Data What Is It?

Classified information belongs to a government body and is restricted according to level of sensitivity.


Annonomised Data?

When information is FULLY removed to protect individuals more than 3-5


Partly Annonomised Data?

When Information is PARTIALLY Removed and may be replaced by other figures.


Non- Sensitive Data?

refers to information that is already a matter of public record or knowledge