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Digital subscriber line which was developed as a way to send a second signal down phone lines by sending it at a different frequency.


Coaxial Cable

Cables have a solid copper wire core inside a thick plastic which acts as an insulator.


Fibre Optic

Special Type Of Flexible Glass
transmitter on one end converts electrical signal to light which then pulses and
travels down the glass cable to the receiver at the other end. The receiver detects
the light and generates an electrical signal that the computer can use.


Wireless Broadband

Internet is connected through a cabled connection and then broadcasted using a router.


Mobile Internet

Works with radio waves from a network or towers. 3
 Used to get internet on your phone, tablet using 3G/4G.


satellite Internet

Signal is beamed to a satellite which turns around and beams the signal to you.
 Everyone in your area using the satellite internet has to share the bandwidth which
is equally shared out.
 There is often a slight delay and it needs a clear line of sight.
Poor Weather can affect


What is an Intranet?

Used internally by an organisation to share information, not available to the public based off the World Wide Web. CAN BE ASSESSED BY INDIVIDUALS AT HOME.


What is an Extranet?

an intranet that can be partially accessed by authorized outside users, enabling businesses to exchange information over the Internet in a secure way.