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Text What Is It?

Text is a written format, the simplest way to keep info


What are the 3 Character Sets and Where are they used?

1. Western - UK & US
2. Cyrillic - Eastern Europe & Parts Of Asia Russian Alphabet
3. Arabic - Middle East or anywhere Arabic is spoken


Graphic What Is It?

Diagrams are graphics, Logos represent a company and give away information. Graphics are used to visually convey info about a brand


Video What is it?

Info which is conveyed in a visual form with audio
 Tutorials
 Reviews
 Informative, chatty, funny and to the point.


Animated Graphic

it is an image where the elements move and change
 Effective when demonstrating how something works.
 Have to be short to be effective.
 Animate on the website or presentation.
 Images with animated arrows to prompt user


Audio What Is It?

Audio refers to any sound that is recorded
 Examples include spoken instructions or music.
 Could be used in a tutorial video, audio books, children’s toys, radio, television
programs, films, games, or in a sat-nav.
 Means audience can listen to this whilst doing something else.



Numerical is information that is presented as numbers like financial info


Braille Text

Braille Text is text that is printed on a special printer for blind and its raised dots on paper that can be touched to represent letters.


Tactile Images

Tactile Images is when a viewer can feel certain images through touch rather than sight.



Subtitles allow deaf people to access audio information



Is info that is one of two forms like YES or NO

This is where there are only two answers to a question on something such as a form.


Tables and Information

Numerical Data can be analysed by placing in a table or a database doing this allows for patterns to be identified


Charts & Graphs

Present data in a more visual manner rather than lists of text which may be easier to identify trends or comparisons