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What is a Gateway?

Connects one network to another

Note: the Internet is connected by Gateways


What are Parity Checks?

A control that detects internal data errors.

A bit is added to each character- it checks to see if a bit was lost.


What is an Echo Check?

Transmitted data is returned to the sender for verification (it echoes back to the sender)


What is a Change Control?

It authorizes program changes and approves program test results.


What is security software?

Software that controls access to IT systems.

Note: Don't confuse this with anti-virus software


What is the purpose of a Digital Signature?

It confirms a message has not been altered.


List the types of computers from smallest to largest


Microcomputer - PC- Laptop (cost-effective)

Minicomputer - Like a Mainframe- but smaller

Mainframe - Large computer with terminals attached

Supercomputer - Very powerful and very big


What are the units of computer data from smallest to largest?

Bit - 1 (on) and 0 (off)
Byte - 8 bits to a byte/character
Field - group of related characters/bytes (i.e. Name- Zip Code- Serial #)
Record - Group of related fields (i.e. Member name- address- phone number)
File - Group of related records (i.e. Membership directory)


What is the duty of a design engineer?

Determine language used for a specific computer- on a computer-to-computer basis


What are object programs?

Programs written in base computer language- not similar to English.


How can source programs be recognized?

They are written in a language close to English.


What is the purpose of a Compiler?

Takes Source language (English) and converts to Object (Computer) Language


How does Online Analytical Processing work?

It uses a Data Warehouse to support management decision making.


What is Data Mining?

Using artificial intelligence and pattern recognition to analyze data stores within a Data Warehouse.


What is the purpose of online transaction processing?

To process a company's routine transactions.


What are the characteristics of batch processing?

Data held- updates multiple files all at once

Leaves a better audit trail

Uses Grandfather-Father-Son backup (3 levels of backup kept in 3 locations)


What does an output control check for?

Checks to see if output data is valid- distributed and used in an authorized manner.