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What does a processing control check?

Checks if data processing produced proper output


What is a hash total?

An input control number- a meaningless sum of values included in the input.

Example would be summing a list of SSNs to make sure the data is the same once entered as it was prior to input into the system.


What is a validity check?

Checks to see if data in existing tables or files belongs in the set

For example- is there a # in an alpha-only field or a letter in a numeric-only field


What is a limit check?

Checks to see if numbers surpass a certain limit- i.e. in an age field is the number greater than 110.


What is a check digit?

An input control that adds an identification number to a set of
digits - usually at the end


What is a field check?

An input check that prevents invalid characters- i.e. checks for alphabetic letters in a SSN field


What is a Hot Site?

A disaster recovery system where if the main system goes down- a Hot Site is ready to take over immediately.


What is a Cold Site?

If a main system goes down- a Cold Site will take time to get set up and running.


What is the most common database language?

SQL - Standard Query Language


What is a Data Definition Language?

Defines SQL Database

Controls SQL Tables


What is a Data Manipulation Language?

Queries SQL Database tables


What is a Data Control Language?

Controls Access to SQL Database


What are the characteristics of a Relational Database?

Logical structure

Uses rows and columns similar to spreadsheet


What are the characteristics of a Hierarchical Database?

Has various levels

Uses trees to store data


What are the advantages of a database?

Data is more accessible

Reduced redundancy


What are the disadvantages of a database?

Cost of installation

Skilled personnel required to maintain


What are the components of a database?

Desktop client

Application Server

Database Server

Think: Your desktop computer runs applications and saves to a database