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What muscles does the infratemporal fossa contain?

Medial and lateral pterygoids
Inferior fibres of temporalis


Nerves in the infratemporal fossa?

Mandibular - enters via foramen ovale, gives rise to branches
Chorda tympani - follows course of lingual nerve to tongue
Optic ganglion - fibres hitchhike on auriculotemporal nerve to parotid


Vasculature in the infratemporal fossa?

Maxillary artery - gives rise to MMA, travels into cranial cavity via foramen spinosum

Superficial temporal artery

Pterygoid venous plexus - drains the eye, connected to cavernous sinus

Maxillary vein and middle meninges like vein


Openings into the infratemporal fossa

Connects to cranial cavity superiorly, via foramen ovale and foramen spinosum

Connects to pterygopalatine fossa via pterygopalatine fissure

Inferior orbital fissure


What are the boundaries?

Lateral - Ramus of mandible
Medial - Lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid
Anterior - posterior surface of the maxilla
Posterior - carotid sheath
Floor - medial pterygoids
Roof - greater wing of sphenoid bone