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During the Middle Ages. To test steel you had to spend days pounding iron to drive the carbon out.

Then came the test.

What was the test?

The test to see if you refined iron to true steel was to summon a slave and chop off his head.

If the sword did not break and kept it's edge, it was declared to be steel!


Which cost the most American lives. Opioids prescribed or the years of war in Vietnam?

Vietnam cost America 53,000 lives.

Prescriptions for opioids cost America 500,000 lives!


Trump's plan to flyover D.C. With Air Force 1.

What does this cost?

$140,000 per hour.

Ref: NBC NEWS 2019


A hummingbird will fly 500 miles non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico.

Hummingbirds can fly backwards and upside down.

In the Winter of Jamestown, Virginia, hunger permeated so intently that people were digging up graves and eating the corpses!

One man killed his wife and ate her. He was later executed.


The planet Jupiter is so cold; it's 17,000 mile thick atmosphere has frozen solid.

The wave you see breaking at the edge of the beach is really the same water going through the same motions time and time again.

A falling object regardless of it's weight will fall 16 feet the first second. 48 feet the second. 80 feet the third second. It will increase by 32 feet each subsequent second. So fourth second fall will be 112 feet and five seconds will be 144 feet. This speed continues until terminal velocity is attained.

The star Iight you see isn't a straight line from the star. Gravity from other stars and planets bend the light waves.

So when you see a star, it really isn't in that exact location. Also the star travels so you only see a snapshot of where the star was once upon a time.


Antarctica is the largest desert. In some places the ice is over a mile thick.

Dying from Falling out of bed kills 1 in 700,000.

This is more than worldwide terrorism.

"The giant beast that is the global economy "


Armstrong limit. 62,000 feet above the ground.

That's the altitude at which air pressure is so low, water boils at 98.6 degrees, your body temperature.

So, if you are at the Armstrong limit, your blood and any liquids would be boiling! You would be dead before you reached the Armstrong limit.

There was no funeral industry 200 years ago. People were dropped into a dirt grave.

The very first person to be preserved was Abraham Lincoln. He was embalmed. It went viral!
Undertakers capitalized on it. Mortuaries popped up everywhere. They started charging for viewing, coffins and headstones.


Las Vegas was started by Bugsy Segal with support from the Mafia commission.

The Flamingo hotel was the first casino and had outrageous cost overruns. Opening night a bad storm kept people away and after just two weeks he was forced to close it down, 3.6 million in the hole.

Two months later it reopened with lots of press and entertainment and became the cornerstone of Las Vegas.


DNA. Hundreds of criminal charges have been overturned by DNA evidence.

70% of DNA overturned cases were "eyewitness" testimony. -- the mind explained. Netflix 2019.

Inside Bill Gates brain -- Netflix.

Each year parents bury 3 million of their children who died from diarrhea. 12% of all the kids die before the age of five.

For half the world, they have no bathrooms or sanitation. They pee and defecate in gutters that flow into the stream where they get their drinking water.


Future of meat

Every 10 seconds humans kill 24,000 animals for food.

This is 75 Billion a year.

Time magazine started man of the year in 1927, to honor Charles Lindbergh being the first human to fly over the ocean solo.


St. Louis 2019:

366 mass shootings this year. 60 minutes, 17 November 2019.

Teddy Roosevelt renamed the Executive Mansion the “WHITE HOUSE” when he was president.


Visa makes over 24,000 transactions each second of the day.— Cryptocurrency explained — Netflix

Hitler had over 20,000 death camps.

Total People killed in Hitler’s death camps in WWII, 11 million. 6 million of them were Jewish.
— “the world wars” discovery channel. 5/28/14

Pirates never did these:

1. Walk the plank.
2. Bury treasure
3. Make treasure maps.

What they really did:

1. Robbed enemies of England ships.
2. Robbed ships of their slaves then sold the slaves to others.
3. Owned plantations and were owners of great numbers of slaves.

Famous pirates:

Sir Francis Drake
Sir Walter Raleigh

These two were knighted by the Queen for their pirating.


A Kodiak bear can smell blood 20 miles away— mountain men

A Kodiak bear can also outrun a horse in short distances, maxing out at 37 mph.

Just the ants alone outweighs all the vertebrates on the planet by four times!

Ants have at least 20 pheromones that science has discovered used to communicate.

It is estimated that earth has 10 million species of insects and man has only discovered 2 million so far. This is only 20%!

— EO Wilson, of ants and men.


47,173. The number of Americans who died by suicide in 2017.

About nine million people die every year.

Widening wealth gaps are a global phenomenon and a future that technology will eliminate lower skilled jobs and make life better for highly educated is likely to widen the divide still further. Time mag. 11/4/2019


A single drop of blood tells everything about you. What you are now and what you were when your genome and DNA was living in all your ancestors millions and billions of years ago. — Hawaii Five 0 season 1, part 1 of 2.

MN: This includes Monkees, fish, reptiles, cauliflowers, worms, and parts of stardust.

Einstein proved that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes forms. E=mc squared.

The constituents of our human bodies follow the same laws. They simply change forms.

From a baby to an elderly person we change forms.

Our genes and DNA have changed forms from us being stars to now and continues into the future.


The superstition of the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony comes from back when marriages were prearranged. If the groom sees the bride as undesirable, he will leave and run off!

World food crisis.

What crisis you say. Well, being in a powerful nation like the United States, most people never go hungry. But it wasn’t always like this.

In the Jamestown colony the first winter was so harsh that people were starving. People were dying everyday, and some people were so hungry they dug up the buried bodies and ate them.

One man killed his pregnant wife. He ate her and the baby.

People will do anything when they are starving.

Even the United States could not feed itself until 1900!

But today we face a food crisis and millions are going to be starving in the next few decades.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, picture this event that just happened in St. Louis at the Donald Danforth plant science building in Chesterfield.

Joanne Culver needed just an apple and a knife and a few choice words to convince a group of visitors about the impending world food crisis. Her display was conducted in the lobby of the Donald Danforth plant science center before her official tour began. The Apple was first cut into four equal pieces. Culver held up one of those pieces, stating that only about 1/4 of the earth is not water, where food can be grown.

Then, she cut that piece and a half, leaving 1/8 of the Apple and stating that hardly any food can be grown in the desert, arctic, Antarctica, etc.

She cut that piece in half again leaving just one 16th of the original piece because what can be grown on roads, highways, school properties.

The answer is nothing. The final cut accounted for other buildings that no food could grow where the building takes up ground space.

So the total area where food can be grown was down to just 1/32, roughly 3% of the planet. culver then added that further reductions were due to harmful fertilizers finally she carefully cut off the Apple Peel from the very small slice. She explained that our current population growth on earth is 7 billion residents today, and that should grow to about 10 billion by 2050.


Jan 22, 2920, NBC local news states that 40% of the citizens in the United States do not have $1,000 in emergency cash!

They borrow off friends or payday loans. 40%!!!

Panda bears. Zoos around the world cannot just go out and buy a panda. Typically they rent the Bears from China at a cost of some $1 million a year per pair. Reference time magazine April 1, 2019.


Americans lynched in the history of the United States from 1882 to 1968 is 4,743. Total lynchings, 3,466 of the victims were black.

“But, in fact, it was long believed—right up through the early part of the twentieth century—that the earth was, in fact, floating in an invisible substance called the ether.”

Excerpt From
The Believing Brain
Michael Shermer
This material may be protected by copyright.

This was like a generation before I was born. People thought the Earth was floating in the ether.


Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote Treasure island which was wildly popular, but also completely fiction.

Inside our bellies, we have an extensive intestinal lining covering more than 4,000 SQUARE FEET OF SURFACE AREA!!! That is twice the size of my house!
REF: Marcelo Campos, MD.


Early man thought Aurora Borealis were spirits dancing in the sky. — Frozen planet.

Ice in Antarctica. 4,000 meters thick!

A bird can bury 30,000 seeds just in the time span of Autumn and remember the location of 70% beneath the snow in the Yellowstone winter. — Yellowstone BBC

Which weighs more, the Gateway Arch or the Titanic?
The Titanic weighs 2,774 tons more!

Titanic weighs 46,000 tons.
Gateway Arch weighs 43,226 tons.

Gateway Arch was built from executive order given by president Franklin Roosevelt. 6 Million dollars was paid to existing property owners for the 82 acres. The Arch is the very first National Historic site in America.

What does Missouri pay for salt and road treatment?
$43 Million/yr.

“The physical world is still in charge. You cannot spin it. It will not negotiate.” — 60 minutes on Covid-19. May 17, 2020.

Eye sight ability compared to man.
Do you think we have good eye sight? Humans are near the bottom of the list.
Shrimp: x12
Osprey: x60
Ref: Madagascar BBC 2.16.11

400,000 Breast implants each year. NBC NIGHTLY 10/19

Megapode bird— buries eggs in volcano soil which heats and hatches the egg!—South Pacific 1/22/20 BBC channel.

Antarctic is 1.5 times the size of the United States.


Computer dating for zoos. Ref: 60 min. 5/13/18

Since the 70’s, zoos move selected animals around North America for selective breeding. This preserves all the genetic lines we have right now.

If we did not do this, only several giraffes would do all the breeding resulting in inbreeding.

Zoos do this program rather than replace new animals out of the wild.

Another example with birds. If a couple of birds mate and produce an egg that is genetically undesirable (leading to inbreeding) the zoo swaps the egg with a dummy egg, or another egg from a different zoo. This stops inbreeding.

Nearly one in five American children is officially poor. That’s roughly 15 million kids. But the number living with a significant deprivation, insufficient food, seriously overcrowded housing or a lack of access to medical care due to cost is actually much higher. According to the latest studies, its more like one in three.


KKK builds 1 million strong mostly against Catholics. KKK has strong faith that the pope will take over the White House and become the great leader of the United States of America

Over 6 million Jews had faith that Yahweh would protect them in World War II.

Faith roaring 20s prosperity forever creates stock bubble. Result great depression for 11 years!

Group psychology is what built up the crash of 1929 same principle as religion!

The Bible is romantic symbolism.

Hitler leaves prison with 333 days Pardon early exit and then rose to power building up the Nazi political party.

Expiration dates on food. There is no reason to trash something just because it’s the age has come and gone. Instead use your senses spoiled bacteria will typically produce a noticeable change an odor flavor or texture. If none of these have developed it’s probably safe to keep your food. The only product with a firm use by date is infant formula. Otherwise you can usually trust your gut over to package day. Source time magazine.

What are the symptoms for pancreatic cancer? Trebek went to a doctor after experiencing persistent stomach pain which led to his diagnosis. Usually symptoms are stomach pain or nausea additional common symptoms include jaundice light colored stool dark urine loss of appetite and weight loss for unknown reasons. Sources USA today December 31, 2019


Almost all clothing is made in other countries. But now there are clothing BOTS that makes 17 shirts in the time it takes a human. So bots machines now make clothing 17 times faster than trained humans. Ref. as explained in Netflix.

References hiding money in Netflix 2018

In 2018, 72% of super luxury condos/apartments that cost tens of millions of dollars were purchased by a LLC, that was owned by a string of LLCs and trusts. So nobody knows who owns the property! Source is billionaires explained on Netflix.

Rome. Over 1/4 of the world’s population lived under the rules of the Caesars source is the movie gladiator my note, this explains the missionary growth of Christianity.


The winter on the planet Pluto is 62 years and it gets down to -350°!

300,000 mph winds but the atmosphere is so thin it may hardly turn a fan blade.

I cannot imagine 300,000 mph winds it won’t even turn the fan blade.

There are about 7,800 debt collector agencies in the U.S..

They buy written off debt for 9-11 cents on the dollar and take up to 80% of what they collected from you.
Ref: AARP Bulletin, July/August 2020.


In medieval Europe and the Age of Dynasties, rulers were understandably nervous about arming large numbers of their peasants and training them in combat. (One can hear them asking themselves: What could possibly go wrong?) Instead they assembled ad hoc militias by hiring mercenaries or conscripting miscreants and ne’er-do-wells who could not buy their way out. In his essay “War Making and State Making as Organized Crime,” Charles Tilly wrote: In times of war . . . , the managers of full-fledged states often commissioned privateers, hired sometime bandits to raid their enemies, and encouraged their regular troops to take booty. In royal service, soldiers and sailors were often expected to provide for themselves by preying on the civilian population: commandeering, raping, looting, taking prizes. When demobilized, they commonly continued the same practices, but without the same royal protection; demobilized ships became pirate vessels, demobilized troops bandits.

(MN: this is how pirates were invented. Source: Better Angels, Steven Pinker)


1,300 people die every day from tobacco smoke. NBC Nightly 9/12/19 (MN: This is 474,500 a year!)

CVN 76 RONALD REAGAN aircrafts carrier makes 400,000 gallons of water everyday.

It also cooks and serves 18,000 meals each day. Modern marvels.