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Today’s America submarines can carry the equivalent total fire power used in WWII! Ref:MM

Takes about a decade to build a modern large submarine.

Heat of volcanoes created amino acids which reacted with bacteria to create life on earth. Without volcanoes, we would not be here. references: what on earth, discovery channel January 21
Bacteria created membranes for protection from the heat of the volcanoes. These membranes evolved into early life forms.
Humans are the only animal with religions. You cannot talk a monkey into giving up part of a banana and go to meetings each week in order to go to banana heaven.

Toll for large ship on Panama Canal is about $180,000!

60% of COVID closed restaurants are gone for good. CBS News summer of 2020

Thomas Edison fought patent infringement for 10 years! Cost him $2 million in court cost back in the early 1900s when wages were two cents an hour.


With the exception of the world wars, more people are killed in homicides than wars.

During the battle-scarred year of 2015 the ratio was around 4.5 to 1; more commonly it is 10 to 1 or higher.

Homicides were an even greater threat to life in the past. In medieval Europe, lords massacred the serfs of their rivals, aristocrats and their retinues fought each other in duels, brigands and highwaymen murdered the victims of their robberies, and ordinary people stabbed each other over insults at the dinner table. Pinker, Enlightenment now.

Half of the world’s homicides are committed in just twenty-three countries containing about a tenth of humanity, and a quarter are committed in just four:

Brazil (25.2), Colombia (25.9), Mexico (12.9), and Venezuela.


With each passing decade, Americans drove more miles (55 billion in 1920, 458 billion in 1950, 1.5 trillion in 1980, and 3 trillion in 2013)

3 trillion miles in 2013!

The Brooklyn Dodgers, before they moved to Los Angeles, had been named after the city’s pedestrians, famous for their skill at darting out of the way of hurtling streetcars.

Fire departments are putting themselves out of business. About 96 percent of their calls are for cardiac arrests and other medical emergencies,

2/3 of the earth’s wildlife has disappeared in my lifetime. (Actually, the last 50 years. Man is destroying our planet.). Ref: 60 minutes, 9/27/2020, David Attenborough.

President Trump paid $750 federal income tax the year he got elected, 2016. Furthermore, he paid zero federal taxes in 10 of the last 15 years. NBC NIGHTLY 9/27/20.

Pandemic corvid Pandemic. Marco Rubio Republican Senator:
1) Said Covid was a hoax
2) Supports maskless rallies
3) Make fun of people with masks
4) Jumps to front of line to get vaccine shot while millions of elderly are dying!


In the U.S. 11million cars are junked every year. That is enough to fill a four lane highway from New York to Los Angeles and still have cars left over. Ref: modern marvels

U.S. freight trains have 22,000 Locomotives in usage.

Modern locomotives are 208 tons with 4,400 HP.

Indeed, federal and state officials have declared martial law at least 68 times over the course of U.S. history. Google search

Hawaii was under Marshall law after Pearl Harbor attack. Google search

Truman declared Marshall law on striking RR, and threatened strikes they would be drafted into the army!


For the last American to hitch a ride to space station with Russians, the cost was $90 million! Ref: NBC nightly, Oct. 2020

Those giant wind turbine blades are spinning at 150 to 180 miles per hour. Because the blades are so massive, it gives the illusion they are spinning slow.__Engineering Catastrophes

In Seattle the giant 5 story tall tunnel boring machine, “BERTHA” broke a bearing seal and was stuck deep underground for 16 months before an access hole could be dug to take the boring machine apart and replace the broken bearing Ref: Engineering Catastrophes.


MLM = Multilevel marketing companies.
MLM are a ripoff. 99% of the people who buy into these scams end up loosing lots of money.

Its the same thing as the old "Door to door salesman"

People out of work and looking for a stay at home job fall prey to these con jobs. Like Amway, Jewelry sales, tupperware dealer, throwing whatever kinds of parties to invite their friends and end up buying a lot of inventory that never gets sold and having to attend expensive seminars.

Baker says, she had lost several thousand dollars and countless hours that she wishes had been spent with her daughters.

72% of Advocare's distributors made no money in 2016, and 18% made $250 or less that year!


40% of pandemic layoffs will become permanent.
NBC nightly May 28, 2020

Missouri has 6,000 caves
Tennessee has 9,500 caves

Mammoth caves has 390 miles of passages!

Carbonic acid = rainwater

All ground water on land, rivers lakes etc. These is 100X that amount underground called the aquifer .

A 2013 survey by Public Policy Polling found that 12 million Americans said they believed that our government was secretly run by lizard people.

They run world governments and have the power of thought control. __ ref: skeptic mag, Jan, 2021.


Reference west magazine March 11, 2020.
Subject to stop and frisk Walter E Williams.

Last year NYPD data showed that 93% of suspects arrested for murder were black or Hispanic. 96% of those nabbed in shootings were also minorities. 88% of New York’s homicide victims were black or Hispanic as were 96% of the shooting victims. So many blacks live in high crime cities like Baltimore St. Louis Chicago and Detroit.

Reference west magazine June 10, 2020 Walter E Williams is the Author.

The poorest 20% of Americans consume more goods and services than the national average is for all people in the worlds most affluent countries. That just the facts study concludes that if the US poor were a nation, then it would be one of the worlds richest. In fact it would be the fourth richest country in the world!


Alternative medicine reference in golf magazine

For those bothered by the dreaded golfer/tennis elbow, I have found a sure fire cure. Well Dr. grahams recommendations of applying ice and anti-inflammatory medication are good, try this exercise for faster relief.

Extend your fingers and thumb to meet together at their fingertips. Place a medium resistance rubber band around your fingertips between the first knuckle joint and your nail. Then slowly expand The fingers and thumb as wide as you can, keeping the rubber ban in place. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly collapse your fingers and thumbs so all the tips come together again. Repeat the process until you feel the burn or knot in the elbow. Do this two or three times a day. Relief should be felt within a week.

Ref west magazine, JAN 27, 2021.

86% of people get news from phone, tablet or computer. 68% often get news from TV.


Ref: West mag. 2.10.21

Trump is the first president in history to not crack 50% approval rating for the duration of his presidency. He departed at 38% approval.

Reference time magazine February 2021.

26 years is the amount of time you’ll spend asleep in an average lifetime. The brain rewires itself every moment of your life. REM sleep is triggered by a specialized set of neurons to pump activity straight into the brains visual cortex causing us to experience vision even though our eyes are closed.

We suggest that dream sleep exist, at least in part, to prevent the other senses from taking over the brains visual cortex when it goes unused.

REM sleep accounts for half of an infant sleep time, but the percentage decreases steadily to about 18% in the elderly.

Many nations in the developing world do not have access to vaccines at all. Experts say that COVID-19 is likely at least for the for seeable future to become endemic which means a disease that circulates regularly like the flu.

The United States is unlikely to eliminate COVID 19 in the near future.

Even if one country achieves herd immunity, that status could be threatened by new viral mutations emerging from areas without broad vaccine coverage.

It is possible that COVID-19 vaccines will need to be administered yearly like flu shots.

In the foreseeable future, it looks like it will be vaccine mandatory weddings and parties will almost certainly pop up on social calendars.

Voting. Only a quarter of voters cast their ballots the traditional way in person on election day.


According to CDC, 60% of adult Americans have chronic conditions. Around 28.5 % American adults have no health insurance!

$5,850 Estimated average rent and utilities that nearly 12 million tenants owed as of January 2021. Main article man owes more than $20,000 in back rent.

Black individuals as a whole are nearly twice as likely to die from COVID as white people.

Black people account for 13% of the U.S. population, but account for 35% of the evictions.

REF: time mag. March 8th, 2021.

Aspirin. Americans take 80 million aspirin per day. Ref. Uncle Johns bathroom reader.


Sparrow hawk airplanes. 1931, 176 mph. They were carried upon Navy zeppelins! Zeppelins Akron and Macon right after WW1.

Navy Zeppelins were the very first aircraft carriers. Sparrow hawks could take off and land on the Zeppelins high in the sky.

747 jets are almost completely disassembled every five years/ so many flight hours. Seats, flooring, interior panels, insulation, landing gear assembly are all removed and tested. Seats get reupholstered. Emergency escape chutes tested then refolded. Chute test takes 3 seconds. To fold and store the chute takes an inspection team of three men, six hours.

The entire inner and outer shells are x-rayed for cracks and visually inspected. The shell is given the lightning test. On average every planes gets hit by lightning once a year.

The passengers cannot even feel a lightning strike on a plane. They may hear a thump.

The outside temperature at cruising speed is -50 below zero.

All four engines are removed and mounting bolts x-rayed. Engines cost 8 million pounds each and weigh four tons.

The 24 titanium fan blades of each engine are removed and inspected.


The engines supply 120,000 total horsepower. They spend two weeks just inspecting fuel tanks for any leaks.

The eight fuel tanks hold a total of 216,000 liters. That is enough to fill up 3,500 cars!

At the end of the plane’s service life, it is stripped down and the parts are sold off, much like a car junkyard. Finally the body is torn apart and recycled. They become future soda and beer cans, or perhaps a bicycle frame.

The Anchor on a ship does not keep the ship from drifting. It’s the weight of the chain that holds the ship’s position. The anchor’s job is simply to hold the chain in a straight line. Ref: Engineering Giants

A single large ship’s piston costs 14,000 English pounds. There are 30 pistons.

The driveshafts fastened to the propellers are
130 meters long! A 7 iron for me on the golf course. Or 422 feet in a baseball field. From home plate to centerfield at bush stadium is less than 400 feet!


90% of the world’s self-storage inventory is in the United States. Storage units take up 1.9 billion square feet—almost 33,000 football fields.

CNN says people over 70 are 870 times more likely to be admitted to hospital with COVID complications and or death than a college student. 6/24/21.


The Cheetah runs up to 60 mph yet keeps it’s head perfectly still thanks to it’s inner ears balancing the ear’s fluid. This gives the Cheetah unblurred vision of the prey. (Think about this while golfing.) ref: Top ten deadliest beasts. (note: cheetah is not in the top ten. It’s inner ear was compared to the giant Terror Bird.)

The forked tongue of a snake is used to smell tiny particles in the air of it’s prey. It determines which fork has the strongest scent of prey air particles. For example, if sensed on right side of tongue, the snake knows the prey is to the right. Ref: 10 deadliest beasts.

The sperm whale can ram a ship with the force of a Russian tank going 25 mph. This devastates wooden ships of old!


Why does America drive on the right while England and other Western European countries drive on the left?

Back before we had cars, folks drove out west in prairie schooners, which had the brake control on the left front of the wagon. For generations, people rode these schooners sitting on the left front of the wagon. After a couple of generations, it only felt normal. When cars came out, they put driver controls at the left front so people could control the car according to what they saw on the road.


Why do we say the word “HELLO” when we answer the phone?

Because phone connections were poor and people sometimes could not hear over the early phones. The word HELLO can be heard from the farthest distance and over the poorest connections.

Before Hello became the standard, people would answer the phone saying “AHOY!”.


The future of money. Time mag. October 25, 2021

Paper money was invented because there used to be iron coins and it took a pound and a half of iron coins to buy 1 pound of salt. It would be the modern equivalent of going grocery shopping with nothing but pennies. So the merchant told his customers that they could leave their coins with him in exchange, he gave him a claim check which was a piece of paper that could be used to retrieve the coins. People started using claim checks themselves to buy stuff, and paper money was born. It was a huge hit.

Pretty soon the government took over the business of printing paper money and it spread throughout China. In an era when there was no mechanical transportation, the ability to move value around on a few pieces of paper rather than a wagon full of metal coins was a real breakthrough.

 At the same time that paper money became popular new risk were involved. It meant that rulers of countries could print lots and lots of money, which sometimes led to terribly high inflation resulting in a failed government.

MN: most people today think of the green back dollar as money. They have no idea that it’s only a promissory note and the paper itself has no value. It’s what psychologist call a logical construct. So long as the government stays in power, the money is good. But if the government fails, the money becomes worthless.

This is happened throughout history many many times.


In the mid-1800s almost any bank could print its own paper money. One bank in Connecticut had a whale on the front of the bill. In New York City, the Saint Nicholas bank of New York had a picture of Santa clause. At one point, private banks were printing more than 8000 different kinds of money.

This was still in the era when paper money was a claim check for gold or silver. If a bank went bust, the valuable claim check was suddenly just a piece of paper with a picture of Santa Claus on it.

MN: This is the time in history when my grandfather, Adolf Nickles, was a young man. Also to mention is that there were 6000 time zones in the world at that time. Time did not become standard until the railroads made it standard time. paper money was introduced in China around the year 1000 CE.


Isn’t it interesting that Hydrogen sulfate, the smelly part of a normal fart, is less than 1% of the expelled gas!

Flatus consists primarily of carbon dioxide (up to 50 percent), hydrogen (up to 40 percent), and nitrogen (up to 20 percent), though the exact proportions will vary from person to person and indeed from day to day.

The smell of a fart is composed largely of hydrogen sulfide, even though hydrogen sulfide accounts for only about one to three parts per million of what is expelled. Ref. The Body Bill Bryson

During the Covid pandemic, rental cars in Hawaii are going for $700/day!


pharmaceutical industry has retreated from trying to create new antibiotics. “It’s just too expensive for them,” Kinch says. “In the 1950s, for the equivalent of a billion dollars in today’s money, you could develop about ninety drugs. Today, for the same money, you can develop on average just one-third of a drug. Pharmaceutical patents last only for twenty years, but that includes the period of clinical trials. Manufacturers usually have just five years of exclusive patent protection.” In consequence, all but two of the eighteen largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have given up the search for new antibiotics. People take antibiotics for only a week or two. Much better to focus on drugs like statins or antidepressants that people can take more or less indefinitely. “No sane company will develop the next antibiotic,”

Our Brain.
Ref. Bill Bryson book the body.
The great paradox of the brain is that everything you know about the world is provided to you by an organ that has itself never seen that world. The brain exists in silence and darkness, like a dungeoned prisoner. It has no pain receptors, literally no feelings. It has never felt warm sunshine or a soft breeze. To your brain, the world is just a stream of electrical pulses, like taps of Morse code. And out of this bare and neutral information it creates for you—quite literally creates—a vibrant, three-dimensional, sensually engaging universe. Your brain is you. Everything else is just plumbing and scaffolding.