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At the start of the ball game, we stand up for our Nation Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.  This is an interesting ritual.  


Would you believe Napoleon?

Well, as you know, one thing leads to another and this is the story.  I figured it out myself, very original.

The CHAOS theory/effect shows how a butterfly can cause a Typhoon thousands of miles away.  The same Chaos effect makes history in thousands of ways.

In this instance I am focused on Napoleon's actions.  For example we got the Louisiana Purchase because Napoleon had a slave uprising in the Caribbean, so he needed money to hire troops.  Plus he desperately needed money for his wars in Europe, so America doubles its size from Napoleon's troubles.

Unfortunately for Napoleon, he loses the war and has to surrender.  Since Napoleon surrenders, this frees up the British troops to come to America and attack Fort McHenry in the war of 1812.  

During the battle, Francis Scott Key get captured by the British and is a prisoner on a ship.  He hears cannons firing and massive explosions all through the night.  At day break, looking through the ship's window, Francis can see the stars and stripes of the flag still standing over the bombed out Fort.  Francis is inspired the fort is still there and he decides to jot down a sonnet about his experience of joy seeing the flag still standing!

Later, congress likes the sonnet and is inspired to make it our National Anthem.  

Patriotism grows with the nation growing.

Now, 200 years later, we stand before the ball game begins with our hand over our hearts and sing the National Anthem.  

So, if Napoleon didn't go broke and lose the war, we wouldn't have the Louisiana purchase or our National Anthem. 

CHAOS theory.  You got to love it!





Why was Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth?

Because right after he freed the slaves, he gave the right to vote to Negro males that could read.  This made Booth extremely angry and he publicly stated that was the last law Lincoln was going to make.

Booth shot lincoln in the back of his head with a derringer, then jumped down on the stage and broke his leg.  Ref:  PBS "Reconstruction after the Civil war",  2019 Netflix or Prime forgot which one.

[MN:  Beware of pissing off people.  They feel justified in killing you if you emotionally upset them.  Road rage, take their parking space, different religious beliefs, etc.]