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Your appendix is full of antibodies! P91

When a pathogen such as Cholera wipes out the good bacteria of the intestine, they can be restored from the appendix. P95

By some estimates, 75% of all consumed food in the world comes from 6 plants and one animal. P114

If cows died tomorrow, millions of people would die. P114


Most humans cannot digest milk. One man’s survival gene is another man’s belly roll. P117

Almost 1/3 of languages are found in Africa. P121

5/6 of Napoleon’s army died from disease, not from battle. P179


The French wore wigs, giving lice a place for a foothold, but the Russians did not. Because they were bald, or more hairless, they defeated Napoleon! No lice in their hair. P180

So Napoleon was defeated by tiny head lice. The thought never even occurred to him. His troops were decimated before they even came upon a Russian soldier in battle.

This is why so many bald men survived while hairy people died from lice. P180


The gene that protects you from Malaria, gives you Sickle Cell Anemia. P182

When pigeons are prevented from grooming, they become speckled with lice. P187


BR--People are Idiots

If you disagree, it proves you are thinking. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!

Knowledge makes no difference in your life. What you do with knowledge makes all the difference in the world.

If you weren't going to buy it at full price, you aren't saving anything.

Any change in behavior will bring a change in results.

Affirmation with out implementation is self-delusion.

58% of Americans will not read a non-fiction book after high school.

Don't whine and complain. Nobody wants to hear it and they have problems of their own.

Don't try to be someone you aren't. You will hate yourself for it.

Don't think you can change a person into what you want them to be.

Reopening old wounds is not a good idea.

You do your children a great disservice by being too lenient.

Life will go much smoother if you will just listen.

Larry Winget

100 secrets of successful people.

Good speakers master a practice that is simple but powerful: They speak more slowly than others. The faster you speak, the less people will understand you.
__David Brinkley's teacher. example: Samuel L. Jackson

Even middle class folks of today live better than kings lived just 50 years ago!