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How do you access the Exterior Lighting CDU Control Layer

LTS key on the CDU keyboard which will place the external lighting Menu 1 on the right side of the display. Selecting R7 key will toggle between EXT LIGHTS MENU 1 and 2


Position Lights

Red on left nacelleGreen on right nacelleWhite on trailing edge of left vertical stabilizer


Anti-Collision lights

Upper is a dual red/IR light on the top of the left vertical stabilizerLower is a single mode red light on the center bottom of the fuselage that is not IR compatible


How are the proprotor tip lights controlled

ROTOR TIP LIGHTS Panel on the Cockpit Overhead panel on Block A/B aircraft and through CDU lighting Menu 2 on Block C aircraft


Proprotor Tip Lights

NVG compatible LED lights installed on the tip of each proprotor blade, one is visible from the top and one visible from the bottom


Formation Lights

Total of 6: 1 on the outboard side of each vertical stabilizer, 1 on the inboard top of each nacelle, 2 on the aircraft wing fairing


Landing Gear Down Indicator Light

located on the bottom of the aircraft just aft of the nose landing gear wheel well. Indicates when all of the gear are down and locked to provide a safe to land indication to the LSE.


Disabling of the Landing Gear Down Indicator Light

The crew can disable the light using the CDU Lighting Control Menu and it is automatically disabled when NVG lighting mode is selected.


Searchlights shall not be extended above ____

200 KCAS


What controls the search/landing lights?

switch on the left TCL controls the left search and landing light and a switch on the right TCL controls the right search and landing light. Pressing either switch will extend the light and turn it on


Hoist operators light

located on the bottom of the aft fuselage aft of center and provides illumination during routine night landings and external operations.


What controls the hoist operators light

The Hoist/Winch Operator Grip (HWOG) switch


Refueling Probe Light

Located on the nose of the aircraft and is selectable between white and IR


How and when can the Refueling Probe Light intensity be adjusted

It can only be adjusted in NVG mode using the Continuous Adjustment Control (CAC) knob on the CDU/EICAS


Secondary Cockpit Lighting

provides NVG compatible flood lighting and backup lighting for the consoles, instruments, and control in the event of primary lighting system failure. It can also be used to enhance primary lighting.


Primary Lighting

Divided into 4 zones and controlled by the primary lighting panel on the overhead panel


Primary Lighting Zones

Zone 1 - Controls the right side of the cockpit and is the right knob on the panelZone 2 - Controls the left side of the cockpit and is the left knob on the panelZones 3/4 - Control the overhead lighting (zone 3) and the Flight Director Panel and associated light (zone 4). Both are controlled by the center knob on the panel


Location of cabin lighting controls

Forward Cabin Control Station (FCCS) on the right side of the cabin next to the crewchief station



Emergency Egress Lighting System - Provides emergency lighting for the main cabin door and the 4 cabin emergency exits


Control of EELS

EMEF EGRESS Switch on the Lighting control panel. If the switch is in the ARM position exit lights automatically illuminate if the signal conditioner senses Nr fall below 20%


EELS Locations

1. Main Cabin Door2. Right Escape Hatch 3. Forward Left Escape Hatch 4. Aft Left Escape Hatch 5. Aft Overhead Escape Hatch


Lighting Condition 1

Used for Day operationsPosition lights brightanti-collision lights - on, top and bottom


Lighting Condition 2

Night UnaidedForm Lights - Level 10Position Lights - brightTip lights visualanti-collision lights - on, top and bottom


Lighting Condition 3

NVD outside restricted areasForm Lights - Level 10Position Lights - dimTip lights - IRanti-collision lights - On IR for the last aircraft (top only, bottom off)


Lighting Condition 4

NVD inside restricted areasForm Lights - Level 10Position Lights - offTip lights - IRanti-collision lights - On IR for the last aircraft (top only, bottom off)


Lighting Condition 5

NVD all convertForm Lights - Level 10Position Lights - offTip lights - visual anti-collision lights - Off for all aircraft


Lighting Condition 6

All aircraft lights off