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What is a LAN

a Local Area Network


Describe the structure of the LAN

computer->NIC(Network Interface CArd)->Switch(Router)


What is the internet

a ntwork of networks


What is the intranet

it is a closed system that is only availiable to peole inside a newtork


What is WAN & who owns it

wide area network. THe internet is a global WAN. The WAN is owned by ISPs


What is an ISP

Internet Service Provider


What was the point of the first computers

to break radio codes


Why did the Army develop the itnernet

they wanted a system that was fault tolerant enough to where the USSR could bomb the center of the USA and we could still communicate coast to coast


What was the system of the first internet in CA?

Mainframe computers in 4 universities each had an IMP(Interface Message Processer that doo the place of a router) that allowed them to connect


What was the company that created the CA network



What are some of the things that BBN did that influenced the way the internet is now?

information broken into packets(packet switched)
Seperate computer (IMP) served as gateway to the network


What do modems do

convert the digital signals of computers into analog signals so that you can us the phone line for dialup


What is circuit switching & is it analog or digital

analog, provides dedicated poit to point connections, pay whether using it or not but you have the full capacity of the line, expensive and inefficient


What is the PSTN

Public Switched Telephone Network


What is packet switching & is it analog of digital

breaks transmissions into messages/packets; diff packets can take diff routes to destination; digital


What is a program that allows you to see where your packets are being sent

Traceroute; sometimes blocked to prevent hacking


What is Multiplexing

a process of line sharing that allows diff computers to send messages over the same line at the same time; digital; saves money


Bulletts of Analog communications (x4)

circuit switching, pointtopoint connection, quality connection, pay whether connection is used or not,


Bulletts of Digital communications (x4)

packet switching, multiplexing to save $, started with computers, not Radio&TV&music&film a ll digitized....Most popular


What company developed the first GUI? what was it called and why did they get rid of it

Xerox developed the Alto with GUI & they thought it would hurt the copier business so they ditched it


How did the mental model of Xerox kill its potential money makign internet businesss

they thouht copiers would be a growing business forever, XPARC developed Ethernet, ALTO, GUI, and the Mouse and didnt capitaalize on anyof them


What controlled computers pre-GUI

the command line


What was the first commercial PC with GUI?



Who was the guy that develoepd the BIg Bang of the World Wide Web

TIm Berners-Lee who thought about using HTTP to send requests and HTML to return restults. allowed for stuff to be communicated between machines. Gave it away


Who built the first web browser

Mark Andressen built it. CAlled it Mosaic which became Netscape. Promptly killed by Explorer


Describe the diff parts of the web address

http:// is the Application transfer protocol
www. is the host name
nytimes is the domain name
.com indicated the type of top level domain
tech is the path
index.html is the file


What are the parts of the web address that are case sensitive

the path and the file


What is HTTP

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol that allows browsers and servers to communicate


What does the domain represent

the name of an organization


what does the host refer to

the public services availiable by the organization


What does the path do?

maps to the folder location where the desired file is stored


What is the Domain Name System & who manages it

a system of nameservers that converts user friendly names into public IP addresses managed by ICANN's 13 root servers with lists of IP addresses of servers


what does the cache do?

stores the Ip address of recently visited domains so that a trip to the name server can be avoided


What are the two kinds of IP addresses

Unique Public ones used on the internet that are assigned by ICANN & Orivate ones assigned by the company operating the network


What does DHCP stand for and what does it do?
& give example

Dynamic Host COnfiguration Protocol distributes temporary IP addresses to computers while a computer is operating on a given LAN, IP address surrendered when you leave the LAN. McCombs lends an IP using DHCP and then gets it bck when device leaves


What does URL stand for

Uniform Resource Locator. Its a document's webaddress


What are the two factors that create a robust network

load balancing (distributes workload over multiple systems) and resulting fault tolerance


What is Cybersquatting

acquiring a domain name that refers to a firm, individual, or trademark in hopes of exhorting personal gain


what is VoIP

voice over the internet that uses packet switchign instead of the dedicated line


What are the two different types of 3G and which ISPs use them

GSM used by ATT & the rest of the world
CDMA is used by Verizon and can't support voice and data at the same time


what is a firwall and what does it do

can be etiher a while computer or just a program. usually multiple layers of firewall at the machine and network levels. prevents bad stuff from coming in or going out


What is the ACL and what does it do

Access Control List has rules that determine which packets are allowed or prohibited


What does VPN stand for and what does it do?

uses the internet to create the illusion of point to point connections creates tunnels


What is a tunnel

Client and SErver have a point to point connection called tunnel that is a private pathway over a shared network allowing for secure encrypted communications


What is PPTP

Point to Point Tunneling Protocol


What are the two sides of the Net Neutrality debate

ISPs want to have a tiered service where you pay for what you use (metered style) and Internet Startups and innovators say they want all users to be treated equally on the internet to protect startups and innovation


What is ICANN

the nonprofit org that controlls domain names


What is the new and old style of IP addres

IPv4 is running out of combos so IPv6 is starting to replace it


What is Amdahl's LAw

speed is determined by the slowest component