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What defines OSS

the fact that you can look at and potentially modify the source code, usually free*


Why do people choose open source

CRASS Cost, reliability, agility (Time to market), sercurity, and scalibility


What are first copy costs and MC and how do they relate to software

there are huge sunk costs to make the first copy of a software because of the effort to develop it (these are called first copy costs), MC is about 0


What does the absence of production capacity restraints mean?

an unlimited amount of copies can be sold


What makes software a good business to be in?

No MC, so if you pick a winner in software you can make a pile of $$$


What are some examples of Open source software

Firefox, OpenOffice, Gimp (replaces Photoshop), MYSQL, LAMP


Why do companies support the OSS wave?

make $$$ by selling support services anc consulting services, OSS can drive hardware sales, form industry standards, or attract third party developers


Who were the winners and losers in Mobile MArket OS market share from 05 to '11

Nokia's Symbian was the big loser, Android the big winner, iOS was a second place winner


Who founded Linux where and when

Linus Torvalds, founded Lnux in '91 in Finland


Who are some of the main funders of Linux and why?

IBM GOOG OEMs fund to bring down MSFT


Who are some of the firms that prfit off of linux

Red hat (makes Mods to Linux and provides support) Oracle (provides consulting and support)


What is Copyleft

a play of the word copyright and is the general method for making a program free and requiring all modified and extended versions to be free as well


What are some of the challenges OSS makes to software firms

how can we compete with free, should we go Open souce, how can we innovate with free


What are some of the drawbacks of OSS

some products are complex, some have higher TCOs that paid products, legal and licensing concerns, concern about the avaliability of crisis mgmt and support, concern about the stability of the development team


Why did GOOG buy motorola?

they wanted to get all of their patents so that they could better defend themselves from AAPL and MSFT. The smartphone maker was a bonus


What does the Encyclopedia example prove

The internet & especially Open source is making software/information cheaper and more democratic


What is distributed computing

a form of compiuting where systems in differnt locations collaborate and communicate to complete a task


What are the two different ways the word server can be taken

the piece of hardware that is configured to respond to the requests of other computers
the software program that fulfills the requests of othter computers


What is the client server systema nd how does it work

Client server system iks the two pieces of software that make a request (client) of anotehr computer (server) and the server comes up with a repky & sends it back. If too many clients start requesting at once a server can be overloaded. One server can serve more than one client


What are Web servers, Application Server, and Database servers and how to the interact

Web server listens to client requests and decided which app server to activate, the app server houses the underlying application and may request information from the data base server to display products or other info stored in the database


What is the P2P system and how does it differ from the client server system

Peer-to Peer is a distributed application structure that divedes tasks among peers, all participants are aequal (unlike Client-server) making this system more robust. B/c all parties are equal they all contribute computing resources like bandwidth, storage and computing power (again, unlike client-server)


What is an example of Peer to Peer system

Napster which enabled users to share MP3 files on each others harddrives adn was eventually shut down by lawsuits


What is Cloud computing

a means of replacing computing resources with resources provided over the internet (can be hardware or software)


What is SaaS and ASP

Software as a service is software that is made availiable by a third party (an ASP/ Application SErvice provider) over the internet


What makes could computing feasible?

Virtualization/ the ability to make one computer do the work of many by dividing its resources and creating virtual mini computers


What is unique about virtualization on applications

the applications arr bundled with their own OS and everything they need to be ready to GO!!!


What is the SaaS business Model

Most provide a usage based pricng model like a subscription, some make $ off ads, some use fremium model


Who are 2 famous example of the Freemium Model

Dropbox, and EA's Fifa Online game (also helped eliminate pirating)


What are the benefits of SaaS

Lower costs, Lower risk, Fast deployment, variable cost instead of sunk cost, higher quality (per Service Level Agreements {SLA}), remote access


Risks of SaaS

Dependence on SIngle Vendor (if they go under, you screwed), might not have all of the features of the deskttop version, reliant on Internet connection, data stored offsite creates legal issues


What are the 3 different variations of the cloud and abbreviations

IaaS/Infastructure as a Service/ renting hardware, you supply software and OS
PaaS/Platform as a Service/ a development paltform that you use to create software that will be run on someone elses machine
SaaS-you know


What is cloud bursting

whena private network gets overloaded during peak times, an outside cloud kicks in to pick up the slack