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What is the intersitium?

Colletion of supproting tissues within the lungs that supports the eptihelium, and thorugh which the blood vessels run through


What are some of the examination signs of intersitial lung disease?

Cyanosis, tachycardia, clubbing, tachypnoea,


What are some of the occupational causes of intersistial lung disease?

Asbestotsis, silicosis, coal workers pneumoncyosis


How can asebestos cause intersistial lung disease?

Can cause the formation of asbsestos plaques, benign absesbtos pleurla effusions, mestholioma, brochogneic carcinoma, and diffuse pleural thickening


What are some of the drugs that can cause intersistial lung disease?

Methotrexate (commonly used in sarcodiosi) bleomycin, amiloride, and Nirtofurotonin


What are some of the connective tissue diseases that can first orginate in the lungs as part of intersistial lung disease?

Rhemuatoid atrhitis, scelorderm, systemic lupus erthrmycin, and sjorgens syndorme


What is the function of the pleural space?

Allows movement of the lung and the chest wall, coupling of the lung and the chest wall cavity, and parietal fluid cirction


What are the innervations of the two pleura?

The parietal pleura is somatic, sympatheic and parasteic innervation by the phrenic and the intercoastal nerves whereas the visceral pleura is devoid of somactic innnervationn


What are some of the features of pleuritic chest pain?

Severe, sharp knife like and is worse with inspiration


What are some of the pathooliges that can cause an increased production of pleural fluid?

Hydrostatic pressure increases, the ung intersistal fluid disease, theoraic duct disruptiopn, ontoci pressure sidstritpon


What are some of the pathologies that can cause a decreased prodcution of intersistal fluid

Lymphatic blokcing, and elevate systemic venous pressure


What are some of the causes of transdate being released into the cavity?

Heart failure, cirrhois,


What are some of the causes of an exduate being relaeased into the pleural cavit?

Mlaignancy, infection, TB, Asbestos, pulmonary embolism


What are some of the differnt pleural malagnices that can occur?

Metastatic, commonly from the lung or breat, or a primary such as a mestholoma which is commonly from asbestos exposure


What is a pneumothorax?

Air between the visceral and parietal pleura and the lung


What are the different types of pneumonthorax?

Primary spontanous, econdar, and iatogenic after a medical procedure


What are some of the treatments that you might use in a pneumothroax?

Simple aspiration, a chest drain are the most common treatmetns


What are some of the clinical signs of a tension pneumothorax?

Shift of mediastinum to the oppoite side so there is tracheal deviation and a epxd bect, tachcardiac, hypoxemia, and decreased chest expansion with hyperresonacnc e


What are some of the congenital causes of chest wall disease?

Pectus deformis, scolosi, kyphosis, and musclar dystropy


What may some of the results of chest wall disease?

Ventiliation failure, pneumonia, atelasisi, sleep disorder and breathing