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4 effects of the cytokine storm in sepsis

Systemic vasodilation
Reduced cardiac contractility
Widespread endothelial injury and activation
Systemic activation of clotting cascade (DIC)


2 underlying reasons why people die from sepsis

Cytokine storm
Secondary immune dysfunction


Sepsis syndrome definition

Suspected or proven infection, in associated with:
Tachycardia, tachypnea, hyper or hypothermia, and dysfunction of 1 or more organs
It is a dysregulated host response


qSOFA criteria

2/3 of:
Altered mental status
Fast RR (> 22)
Low BP (< 100)


Septic shock definition

Need vasopressors to maintain a MAP of 65 mmHg
Serum lactate level greater than 2 mmol/L in the absence of hypovolemia


Initial management of sepsis and septic shock

Within 3 hours of time of presentation:
1. Measure lactate level
2. Obtain blood cultures prior to administration of abx
3. Administer broad spectrum abx (want within 1 hour)
4. Administer 30 ml/kg crystalloid for hypotension or lactate >4 mM


What type of solution do we use in sepsis?

Ringer's lactate (or any other balanced solution)
NOT normal saline


Source control

Get rid of the underlying infection!
Surgical intervention when needed
Aggressive supportive care in ICU
Want it within at least 6-12 hours with the least invasive route possible