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When was the EAWS program established?



What does EAWS stand for?

Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist


Why was the EAWS program established?

To recognize enlisted personnel who acquired the specific professional skills, knowledge, and military experience that resulted in unique qualification for service in the aviation activities of the Navy.


Why has the program gone through many changes?

Due to the modernization of aircraft and air-capable vessels, mission requirements and personal qualification expectations since program inception.


Significance of August 2010?

It became mandatory for all sailors assigned and serving in or on an eligible platform as outlined in the governing instruction to complete the qualification.


What does this qualification ensure?

That enlisted sailors have and retain the requisite knowledge to sustain planes and platforms in their highest war fighting posture.


Where does the integrity of this program lie?

With the qualifying Petty officers to properly train all qualification petty officers to ensure that every sailor attaining the EAWS is fully trained and ready to qualify.