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Define jihad

To struggle or strive


Define Haribah

Islamic term for terrorism


What is lesser jihad?

An external struggle- the rules for fighting at war


What is greater jihad?

An internal struggle- striving to do the right thing


What is pacifism?

The belief that disputes between nations can and should be settled peacefully. This is non religious


Define shaytan

The devil. He who refused to kneel before Adam


What is the day of judgement?

The day after the whole universe will be destroyed after the battle between good and evil. People will then be judged by Allah as to whether you will go to Jannah or Jahannam


How can Islam be translated?.

1) submission, obiedience
2) peace


What is reconciliation?

To end a disagreement by those who have wronged accept their wrong-doings and those who have been wronged to be prepared to forgive


Why can't Muslims be terrorist?

Islam aims to create a peaceful society because not only is it Allan's will, but it also helps the, to grow spiritually and morally.


How can greater jihad be described in terms of the five pillars?

Shahada and Salah-
Reminders to put Allahs will first every day of their life.
Reminds them that what they have is because of Allahs will and they have a duty to care for others.
Muslims learn to emphasise with the poor and discipline of the fasts helps them develop and overcome temptation
The most spiritual journey to leave behind all worldly concerns and humble themselves to Allahs will.


What is disarmament?

This may include multilateral disarmament which involves a number of countries all agreeing to reduce/ abolish weapons.
This requires parties involved to reach agreements between them about the actions they will take place.


What are Muslims beliefs of disarmament?

Muslims believe that if the world was perfect as Allah intended, there would be no weapons would be needed. Human selfishness and injustice has meant that it's something necessary to take up arms in self-defence and that Muslims have a duty to defend Islam and fight against tyranny.


What are Muslims attitudes towards pacifism?

Islam makes it clear that it is wrong to all injustice and that it is right to defend yourself when faced with an aggressor.
Lesser jihad is a duty for Muslims is sometimes necessary-which pacifism doesn't fit in with.
Islam is a faith based on principles of peace and tolerance. Disputes should be resolved amicably and justice for all. This therefore shows that Islam would see ideals of pacifism as just, but it is not always right to refuse.


What are Muslims attitudes to nuclear war?

'Make not your own hands contribute to your own destruction'
Muslims believe that all life is sacred and even at war the short term aim is defence, but the long term goal is peace therefore it would be wrong to use nuclear weapons.
However, in world talks Islamic nations have taken different approaches. E.g. Iran has signed the UN nuclear non-proliferation treaty, whilst Pakistan has nuclear weapons capability.


What are Muslim attitudes to protests?

Islam teaches that Muslims have a duty to do what they can to achieve peace and justice in the world.
If a Muslims sees something is clearly against the will of Allah and it's unjust, it would be wrong to disregard it.
Muslims rights to protest in the right occasions are a part of a Muslims personal jihad by striving against what is wrong.
Most Muslims would agree that non-violent protests are the most acceptable and violence is only justified if it is self defence.
The best jihad is 'the word of truth in front of an oppressive ruler' -Sunnah
'Fight them until there is no more oppression and they prevail justice'


'There is no...

...compulsion in religion'- Qur'an


'If anyone were to take a life... would be as if they toke the life of the whole people' -Qur'an


'do not let the hatred of people...

...prevent you from being just' - Qur'an


'Take not life, which Allah made sacred...

...except by way of justice and law'- Qur'an


'Allah loves those who...

...fight for his cause' -Qur'an


'Allah loves who are...

...fair and just' -Qur'an


'Avoid being...

...unjust to one another' -Hadith


'IF you see an evil action change it with...

...your hand, or your tongue or your heart'- Hadith