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What structures cause jaw pain?



How can the jaw cause HA?

masseter and temporalis - tensing from stress etc


What nerve supplies the mm of mastication

CN 5
CNV3 mandibular


What makes up the temporal fossa?



What are the sub occipital mm's?

Innervated by suboccipital nerve (C1).
Fine tune and control head.
Alar lig.s ensure O-C2 acts as a unit.

Rectus capitis posterior major = C2 SP to inferior nuchal line.
Rectus capitis posterior minor = posterior tubercle of C1 to inferior nuchal line.
Inferior oblique = C2 SP to C1 TP.
Superior oblique = TP of C1 to occiput.


What are the posterior neck mm's?

Levator scrapulae
Splenius capitis and cerivicus
o TPs to SPs and occiput

Trapezius – very tendinous (touch, resilient) at CT junction Flat, continuous with ligt nuchae EOP, sup nuchal line, ligt nuchae, SPs to clavicle, spine of scap and acromion.
Fibres converge on deltoid tubercle of spine of scap Works synergistically with anterior muscles

Levator scapulae:
Medial scap to C3/4 Thick, cable like, powerful, Applies compression and shear, Acts as a guy wire.
Active stabiliser to prevent anterior shear (is this why the superior medial scap is always tender) analogous to deep ES in lumbars

Splenius (capitis SPs to occiput and cervicis SPs to TPs):
Thin, flat and almost indistinguishable from traps in the Cv region.
Attaches to mastoid (as does longissimus and SCM). These act to check motions of the head in all directions and minimise mvt during healing.

TPs to SPs and occiput Large, fusiform, workhorse.
Palpate between SPs and articular pillars/facets.
Maintains cervical lordosis (curve collapses without it).
Greater occipital nerve passes through Multifidus analogue


What structures in the cervicals can cause HA?

Trigeminal nuclei?


What nerve supplies the face?

CN 5
CN 7