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Words to describe the door

"Blistered and sustained"
"Bell nor knocked"


Quotes that describe Hyde

"Dammed juggernaut"
"Pale and dwarfish"
"Like Satan"
"It was hellish to see"
"An impression of deformity"
"Murderous mixture of timidity and boldness"


Quotes to describe utterson and Jekyll friendship

"Cherished for mr utterson a sincere and warm affection "
"My poor utterson"


Quotes to describes hydes anger

"He broke out in a great flame of anger"
"Ape like fury"


Quotes from chapter 6

"Death warrant on his face"
"If I am the chief of sinners I am the Chris of suffered also"


Quotes to describe the weather

"It was a wild,cold ,seasonable night of march with a pale moon "
"Chocolate coloured pall lowered over heaven"
"Brown as umber "
"The first dog of the season"
"Haggard shaft of daylight"
"The wind was continually charging and routing these embattled vapours"


How is Hyde described to do with a women

"Wrapping like a women"


Quotes to describe Enfield

"I was coming home from some place at the end of the world"
"I never saw a man so disliked"


Quotes to describe utterson

"That was never lighted by a smile"
"He was austere with himself"


Quote to describe Lanyon

"Hearty,healthy,dapper,red faced gentlemen"


Quote to describe Jekyll

"Well made,smooth faced man of 50"


Quote to describe Jekyll staff

"Stood huddled like a flick of sheep"


Quotes that show a theme of hypocrisy

"Name your figure"
"A closet was filled with wine"
"Often absent"
"Blackmail house"


Summarise the book

About a scientist named Jekyll in which one of his experiments goes wrong creating an alto ego of himself and creates a theme of the duality of life also bringing in elements of what Victorian London was like


Quotes of setting

"Blistered and sustained"
"Evie a great air of Walsh and comfort"
"Costly cabinets of oak "
"Neither bell not knocker"
"Blackmail house"
"Pleasantest room in London"
"The hall when they entered it was brightly lighted up;the fire was built high"
"The surgical theatre with its lumber of crates and bottles"


Quotes that show violence in the novel

Brandishing the cane"
"Trifle hurt"
"Ape like fury"
"Trampling the victim"
"Hailing down a storm of blows"
"Audibly shattted"


Quotes to do with the house

"Street shone out in contrast"
"Large low roofed and comfortable"
"Bright open fire"
"Pleasantest room in London"
"Wove a great air of wealth and comfort"
"Sordid negligence"
"Like a fire on a forest"