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What elements unite the five cantatas written for September of 1724?

walking bass movtives; string of duets; Gingrich, CJ 51/1


What is unique about Bach's choice of chorale for Jesu…Seele?

It appears on no list of "appropriate" hymns for the 14th Sunday after Trinity, and he apparently moved an appropriate hymn to form the basis for his 13th Sunday cantata.; Gingrich, CJ 51/1


How does numerology play into Jesu…Seele?

ostinato repeats 27 times (multiple of 3), disappears 3 times for a total of 21 bars (3x7, perfection x completion); Gingrich, CJ 51/1


What international elements play into Jesu…Seele's opening movement?

French sarabande rhythm, stile antico motet form, Italian concerto-style ritornellos, Lutheran chorale; Gingrich, CJ 51/1


What significance tie Jesu…Seele with the following week's cantata?

g minor vs G major; Passion vs. trust in God Who does all things well; SA duets about the fleshly weakness of the believer; ; Gingrich, CJ 51/1


For what Sunday did Bach write Cantata 78?

14th after Trinity;


What scriptures was BWV 78 intended to illuminate?

The healing of the ten lepers in Luke and the works of the flesh/fruit of the spirit in Galatians;


Summarize the text of movement 1.

Jesus's death saved me from hell and from affliction, and he is my refuge;


Summarize the text of movement 2.

We are sick and seek your help through prayer.;


Summarize the text of movement 3.

Depravity of humanity (leprosy represents sin);


Summarize the text of movement 4.

Victory over sin comes through the blood;


Summarize the text of movement 5.

Symbols of defeat become symbols of victory; returning thanks;


Summarize the text of movement 6.

Faithfulness of God;


Summarize the text of movement 7.

Prayer for increased faith;


Who wrote the chorale on which 78 is based? And when?

Johann Rist, 1641;


When was 78 first performed? Revived?

1724, late 1730s;


What was different about the 1730s performance?

Addition of flute for m. 1 & 7; omitting the horn; adding violone part to duet in mvt. 2;


What compositional device features prominently in the opening chorus of 78?

Passacaglia (27 times, 2 in inversion, several transferred and transposed);


What other works by Bach used the same or a similar theme? (3)

Early Christ lag in Todes Banden; Wiener, Klagen cantata; Crucifixus from B minor Mass;


What is peculiar about the Violone part in 78?

It is on the back of a brass part; Dreyfus, Continuo


What is a fantasia, and how does it apply to 78?

Bach used fantasia loosely for freely constructed pieces, often involving chorale tunes and improvisation for organ; 78 opens in that style, though with less improvisation, and the use of voices; Boyd, Oxford


What is Helmuth Rilling's famous quote about performance practice?

Summarized? It's good that we have original instruments and original performance practices, but unfortunate that we have no original listeners.; Melamed, Hearing Bach's Passions


In the first movement of 78, what element is the greatest determining factor governing composition?

The chorale melody. The passacaglia, though heard first and most prominently, changes in deference to the chorale tune on multiple occasions.

Butt/Dreyfus 186