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Firearms Justification

You are only justified in discharging your firearm when there is an immediate risk to your life, or the life of someone else, or there is an immediate risk of serious injury to you or someone else and there is no other way of preventing the risk.


OC Spray Justification

Use defensive sprays only for:
• Protection of human life
• A less lethal option for controlling people, where violent
resistance or confrontation occurs or is likely to occur
• Protection against animals


Baton Justification

The decision to use your baton rests with you. You may use your baton if in danger of being overpowered or to protect yourself or others from injury. The force used must always be reasonable.


Handcuffs Justification

The decision to handcuff rests with you. Officer safety is paramount. Generally, you are justified in handcuffing prisoners only when they have tried to escape, or to prevent escape or injury to themselves or others.


CEW Taser Justification

Protect human life,

Protect yourself or others where violent confrontation or violent resistance is occurring or imminent,

Protect an officer/s in danger of being overpowered or to protect themselves or another person from the risk of actual bodily harm,

Protection from animals.