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Colour Codes for Buildings

White side: Front of the building
Red Side: Right side if you are looking at it
Black is the rear side (opposite of white)
Green Side: Left side as you are looking at it


Approach to the location

(i) Switch off warning devices
(ii) Slow down to reduce engine noise, avoid excessive braking. A slow approach speed also ensures you can stop where it is most suitable.
(iii) Switch off headlights
(iv) Turn down the volume of the police radio


Tactical Movement (5 sluts and a mole)

-- Shape
-- Shadow
-- Silhouette
-- Surface
-- Spacing
-- Movement


Define Cover

Anything that provides protection from hostile fire


Define Concealment

Is protection from hostile observation.


How fast should police move (deliberate movement)

Only as fast as you can think and shoot


ABC's of Cover

Accurate fire, Body Armour, Cover from hostile fire


The Six concepts and Principles of Team Movement

Stay together as much as possible
720 degrees of coverage where possible
Cover the angles
Threshold Evaluation
Speed of movement