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Height, Weight and Diameter

Height approx. 11cm, 3.8 cm diameter, Formulation weight 42 grams.


Minumum/Maximum Range and Shelf Life

90cm/3.5 Metres -5 years


Factors for you to consider when using OC

- Size - disparity or difference between officer and subject/s - Special skills of officer and subject/s e.g. martial arts
- Age - disparity or difference between officer and subject/s - Sex of officer and subject
- Multiple subjects or subjects in the vicinity
- Multiple police in the vicinity
- Proximity of subject to a weapon (firearms, knife, officer’s firearm) - Member injured or disabled


Considerations: Indoors

Room size, Exits, Air conditioners


Considerations: Outdoor

Wind and Rain


Tactical Movement

Spray -> Move -> Assess


7 Steps of Decontamination (CIRRDMO)

1. Control subject /offenders who have been sprayed, using verbal communication and physical restraint
2. Instructions to the subject/offender to remain calm and not to rub the eyes, and tell them they must obey all instructions
3. Removal of affected person from the spray area to an area of fresh air, reducing the possibility of secondary contamination
4. Reassurance that the effects will wear off shortly and that you have the knowledge and ability to help them
5. Decontaminate using procedures such as applying cool water to affected areas. More extensive decontamination, such as showering, can take place when operationally safe
6. Medical seek assistance from ambulance or hospital casualty staff
7. Observe the person until the effects have worn off