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General facts

-very poor
-area of conflict
-badly constructed infrastructure


What happened?

-7.6 magnitude earthquake
-caused by movement along a crack in the plate at a destructive margin


Primary impacts

-80,000 deaths, mostly from collapsed buildings
-hundreds of thousands injured
-entire villages destroyed
-3 million made homeless
-water pipelines and electricity lines broken, cutting off supply


Secondary impacts

-landslides buried people and buildings as well as blocking roads
-diseases and diarrhoea spread due to lack of clean water and hygiene
-freezing winter conditions shortly after the EQ caused more deaths and delayed search and rescue


Short-term reponses

-help didn't reach many areas for days to weeks
+tents, blankets and medical supplies were distributed (-but not to all areas affected)
+international aid and equipment was brought in (helicopters, rescue dogs), and teams from other countries


Long-term responses

+around 40,000 people have been relocated to a new town from the destroyed town of Balakot
+government money has been given to people to rebuild their homes
+training provided to help rebuild other buildings to be earthquake-resistant
+new health centres set up in the area