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General facts

-upper middle income (World Bank classification)
-ranked 75 out of 187 countries
-an ancient city


What happened?

-magnitude 6.6 earthquake
-low magnitude but 26,000 died


Reasons for high death roll (9 altogether)

-hypocentre depth of 7km - shallow
-occured at half 5 in the morning; most people would have been asleep in their homes
-release of seismic energy was directly under the city and they were travelling vertically which caused maximum damage to buildings
-very old, 'adobe' buildings, most were built over 2000 years ago and have heavy roofs
-more recent reconstructions had been of low quality because the building code had not been properly enforced
-termites had already weakened some wooden buildings
-the 3 main hospitals were destroyed in the quake, 20% of health professionals were killed and the rest injured, as well as a lack of specialised training to deal with large scale trauma
-emergency services' resources had also been destroyed which hindered search and rescue
-a lot of trapped survivors ended up dying of hypothermia due to cold January temperatures