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General facts

-developed country
-ageing population
-Japan gets 30% of the world’s earthquakes every year
-Tohoku EQ and tsunami is a MEGA-DISASTER


What happened?

-magnitude 9.0 earthquake 11/03/11
-within 30 minutes, a tsunami had arrived, which had waves up to 40m
-this was followed by 9 more waves (wave train) of up to 10m in height
-3000km of coast was impacted, coastal defences ruined



-16,000 dead, 4000 missing
-63% of the dead were aged over 60
-lack of public trust in the Japanese government and its nuclear energy policies
-Fukushima power plant hit by tsunami which cooled 3 nuclear reactors, causing high radioactive releases; contaminated water leaked into fishing waters - had an effect on more places than just Japan
-disruption to building of cars and Boeing jets