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General facts

-70% of jobs are in the informal economy
-25% of people live in extreme poverty
-50% of the population is under 20 years old
-Port-au-Prince, the capital, has a population of 3.5 million


What happened?

-magnitude 7 earthquake
-conservative plate margin
-shallow focus of 5 miles


Primary impacts

-316,000 killed, 1 million homeless
-250,000 homes and 60% of government building destroyed or damaged
-50 hospitals and 1,300 schools destroyed
-main prison destroyed, 4,000 inmates escaped


Secondary impacts

-20% of people lost their jobs because of building collapse
-hospitals and morgues were full so bodies were piled up on the streets
-this led to the spread of diseases, especially cholera
-hard to get aid into the area because the airport was destroyed and the country was massively disorganised


Short-term responses

+810,000 people placed in aid camps
+$100 million given by USA, $330 million by the EU
-lack of immediate aid because of poor planning so search and rescue had to be done by locals
+4.3 million provided with food rations in the following weeks


Long-term responses

-by 2015, incomes, health, housing and food supply remained worse than pre-disaster levels
+water and sanitation eventually supplied for 1.7 million people
-1 million people still without houses by 2011 so have to live in aid camps
+temporary schools and new teachers trained