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Hitler policy - Gleichschaltung

Coordination, Bringing into line



German aim of pursuing territorial expansion in order to gain 'Living space' for the German people


Hitler Policy - Volksgermainschaft

"People's community" nazi concept of entailing unity of all members of the "racial" community who adhered to Nazi Ideology and race. Ayrans would belong, non Aryans would not.



Many centres of power. Power is shared between many different bases. Often these bases will complete with each other for power.


Cumulative Radicalisation

The Process by which policies in Nazi Germany became more and more extreme due to the widespread desire to impress Hitler/gain power by making the most radical suggestion.


Charismatic Leadership

Leadership based on victories (against unemployment, etc). These victories have to keep happening for the regime to sustain support.


Chaotic, Feudal competition

Dr Flint's way of describing the governing style of the Nazi State.


2nd Reich: Weltpolitik

"World Politics" - German policy of becoming a great power/empire


2nd Reich : Flottenpolitik

German policy of building a navy to rival that of Britain and become a dominant naval power


2nd Reich : Sammlingspolitik

"Politics of Concentration" - Von Bulow's aim to build an alliance of conservative interests within the 2nd Reich between conservatives, liberals, Junkers and industrialists. Which would present a broad front against the threat of socialism. `


2nd Reich - Burgfriede/n

Concept, created during WW1, of national unity based on shared suffering. Used to unite Germany


2nd Reich - Siegfriede

The belief that Germany was fighting for a victory of peace. That annexations of territory and to establish supremacy in Europe were Germany's aims in WW1


2nd Reich - Defensive War

The Belief that Germany was fighting a war for the main purpose of defending itself other nations (SDP held this view)