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What percentage of the cost of the war was met by taxation?

Only 16% of the cost of the war (£8.4 million, not adjusted for inflation) was met by taxation


Inflation statistic

Between 1913 - 1918 the value of the Mark declined by 75%


War deaths statistic

Over course of war, 2 million soldiers died, 6.3 million were injured


Living standards statistic

Living standards fell by 20-30% (over course of war)


Reichstag law fact

Rstag delegated all of its legislative powers to Bundesrat at beginning of war but still have ability to oversea/change the bills. Did not change anything over course of war/800 laws.


Grain harvest fact

Germany's grain harvest fell from 27.1 million in 1914 to 14.6 million in 1917


Imports fact before the war

Before the war, in 1914, Germany still imported 25% of all its food


Mobilisation fact

Mobilisation in 1914 drained countryside of 33% (one-third) of all its workforce


Agricultural workers conscription fact

End of 1914 50% of agricultural workers had been conscripted


Fats consumption fact

in 1918 German ration for fats was only 7% of pre-war consumption


War credits opposition fact

End of 1914, only one SPD deupty Karl Liebknecht opposed war credits. By end of 1915, 20 deputies did


When did the 'Silent Dictatorship' come into power?

August 1916


Auxiliary Labour Law Fact

A.L.L was passed in 1916, was essentially forced labour. Failed to mobilise extra labour because none existed. But did increase munitions production from 72,000 tons in 1915 to 144,000 in 1917


When was the Turnip winter?

Winter of 1916-1917


Dairy production/ animal fats fact

Both dairy production and animal fats fell by one-third in 1918


What was another name for queuing in Germany?

Polonaise - a slow dance


The next statement is false

The previous statement is true


American entry fact

USA declares war on Germany April 1917 (2 shots for late entry) and brings another 2,000,000 mobilised men into war immediately


April 1917 protest fact

In April 1917 over 300,000 workers protested for an end to the war


USPD formation fact

In March 1917 USPD formed, they called for an end to the war and by 1918 it had 100,000 members


What was the July Crisis?

July Crisis 1917, Bethmann-Hollweg lost confidence of Rstag/military and resigned. There was then a successful vote in favour of the peace resolution


German Fatherland Party

GFP created September 1917, called for a "Victorious Peace" . Supported by Ludendorff. By end of 1917 it had 1,000,000 members


Berlin strike 1918 fact

In January 1918 500,000 striked for 5 says for an end to the war


Brest-Livotsk Treaty

March 1918, gave Germany 3/4 of russia's coal/iron and virtually all of its oil and cotton.


What was the effect of Brest-Livotsk Treaty?

Temporarily calmed opposition to war down as it provided an illusion of victories


When was the Kiel Mutiny?

November 1918, as a result of the prospect of defeat and peace