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What are kidney stones and why are they a problem?

Stone which is made up of calcium crystals.
Because they block the ureter therefore block urine from draining out of the kidney.


Who is at risk of kidney stones?



What are some risk factors of kidney stones?

- genetics
- dehydration
- excess vitamin D
- certain medications


How big does the kidney stone have to be in order to obstruct urine flow?

Usually bigger than 3mm


What causes kidney stones?

Not sure BUT
concentrated urine allows minerals to come in close contact with one and other forming a stone


What is renal colic?

Excruciating, intermittent pain that radiates from flank to the groin or inner thigh


What are some other signs and symptoms of kidney stones?

- urinary urgency
- restlessness
- hematuria ( from irritated ureter)
- sweating
- nausea
- vomiting


What is the prognosis of kidney stones?

80% pass on their own. But the recurrence rate is high and 50% of pts will expect another stone in 10 years.
Stone should be captured to find out the type to minimize the risk.