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Argument of perception by Russell...

No two people can see the exact same distribution of colors because no two people can see it from the exact same point of view. The same thing applies to shape, texture, touch, etc.


Present an argument by DZ Phillips rebutting Russell

Why should we doubt what seems so evident as to not need stating? Even if we feel that there is something odd about someone's philosophical doubts, the response won't change the doubters mind.


3 necessary conditions of knowledge

1. You are sure of it
2. It is true
3. You have a right to be sure


Explain necessary and sufficient conditions

1. Necessary: something can not occur without something else
2. Sufficient: something that occurs ensures that something else will happen


Explain the 3 parts of Jurisdiction of Philosophy

1. Necessary (truth, we rely on our understanding - 2+2=4) /Contingent (could be true, but needs evidence - I own 52 philosophy books)
2. Analytic (is true regardless - all bachelors are unmarried) /Synthetic (true partly because of what one word means and partly because of what another is describing - snow is white)
3. Priori (is known independent of any experience other than the experience of learning the language in which the proposition is expresses - all bachelors are unmarried) /Posteriori (known on the basis of experience)