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When the KO curtain is confiscated after use the Ladder Co Officer shall

1. Prepare a letterhead report to Chief of Ops
A. Detailing use
B. description of any damage that may have occurred from deployment
C. Any additional info that may be important to future use of device and foward report via chain of command with copy to Chief of Fire Academy


If need new KO CURTAIN who do you contact for replacement ?

Administrative Division


How much does KO curtain weigh

26.5 pounds


When do inspect the KO curtain

Weekly at MUD and after use


The dimensions of the KO curtain are

8' x 6 '


When repacking KO curtain the top ropes are placed what distance from the top edge of curtain



If the KO curtain is damaged in other than fire operation then

Company Commander will complete a letterhead report with details to Chief of Ops with full endorsements


Repacking KO Curtain

1. Place curtain on flag surface with reflective stripes up and ropes unclipped
2. Ropes loosely coiled
3. Curtain is rolled from top to bottom . Bottom ropes encapsulated within the roll
4. Top ropes placed 5-10 inches from top edge


Can you drill with KO curtain

No never


The KO training curtain is different from regular curtain how

1. Black vinyl with yellow strips forming x
2. Carrying case is black nylon with top 2. Feet painted white with words TRAINING stenciled in fluorescent paint


Maintenance and inspection of KO training curtain

OOD verify condition before signing Rt-2
Inspect after use


When transporting KO training curtain it shall be

Company officer make sure it is in secure location and not used for fire ops


KO curtain can only be deployed when ordered by

IC only .. Could be officer