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Member runs out off air then

Should remove regulator from face piece
Notify officer
Immediately leave contaminated area
This member must be accompanied to safe area by another member wearing SCBA


Confined space is defined as

Not designed for continuous human occupancy
Large enough so as a person can enter and work
Has limited means of entry or escape


Scott cylinders will have date of manufacture on the label by month and year ..the service life is how long and what should be done if a cylinder is discovered with a date greater

15 years
Remove from service
Bled down
Return to MSU


Cylinders shall be hydrostatical tested every

5 years

Note this number will be found on the top of cylinder


When will the vibralert and the EOSTI actuate

When approximately 25 % of full cylinder remains
Note may not alarm at same time


All spare cylinders shall be checked when

Weekly on Mondays


When bleeding cylinders it should be fully depleted?

No avoid depleting cylinders


Air pressure in high pressure hose

Can be as much as 4500 PSI


What tools are necessary to tighten or replace the nylon O-ring

A 1/8 inch Allen wrench and 7/16 open end wrench


Pressure supplied to the UAC must not exceed

4500 psi


Can you use the UAC without its dust cover in place

No place oos
Rt-2 to MSU


The PRA Is mounted on the left side of the
Back fram if properly working it reduces operating pressure to

100 psi before. Entering regulators low pressure hose


If there is a malfunction of the PRA primary system the secondary system will reduce psi to

150 psi

Member will only know that vibralert has activated
Must notify officer and leave contaminated area with another SCBA member


If secondary system is activated in PRA then a member will

Have to leave area immediately and notify officer

Vibralert will sound


Primary and secondary failure in open position will activate relief valve in PRA

Rapidity discharge all air In Excess of 185 psi into atmosphere
When this occurs cylinder should be partially closed
Notify officer and immediately leave area


The manual shut off switch is mounted on top of the regulator assembly and it's function is stop air flow into face piece prior to face piece removal. If the the shutoff fails to release then a member should

Turn purge valve 180 degrees to start air flow then notify officer leave area accompanied by another member


Purge valve for following emergency procedures

1. Failure of regulator in closed position ( no air to face piece ) turn purge counter-clockwise
2. Failure of regulator in open position( too much air flow) air flow can be controlled by opening the purge valve fully and partially closing cylinder
3. To provide air flow if face piece becomes severely damaged
4. Manual shut-off fails to releases for any reason


Snap lock

Located on right side of regulator
Lock facing down and purge up the the regulator inserts into face piece molded groove
Then rotate clockwise until the lock snaps into place


If you see two greens lights in your HUD you would know

You have a full cylinder


If you see one single green in your HUD you would know

Your cylinder is 3/4 full


You see a yellow light flashing slowly at one second you would know

Your cylinder is half full


If you see a red light at the far left flashing rapidly a ten times a second this means

Your cylinder is 1/4 full


When cylinder is turned on the HUD will

Illuminate all 5 lights for 20 seconds

Note .. Operation of all five lights must be verified every time SCBA use has begun and with every regular inspection


If you see a round light illuminated in far right of HUD this means

This is low battery indicator

Will light for 20 seconds then begin to flash slowly at once a second


When the low battery indicator is actuated the batteries have how much life

HUD to operate longer than the longest cylinder installed in the SCBA

However batteries must be changed immediately upon termination of use of SCBA or before re-entry into hazardous atmosphere


What are the 3 colors of the face pieces and there corresponding sizes

Green - small
Black - comfort seal
Red - extra large


If members need a spare red or green face piece they should call



When putting face piece on you should pull which straps first

Bottom first then top


If a member has a break in the control console tube this will only result in a small leak . This leak will not forces members to leave immediately and must monitor there remote gauge ..true or false

False must leave immediately


Where are the buddy light located on the PAK ALERT SE7

Back of the PAK alert
Two lights
Green normal
Red alarm mode


In an emergency if there is a leak in the vent holes you can plug they to stop leak

No never


The pre alarm of the PAK alert will sound if there is no movement of the SCBA for more than

20 seconds

Pre-alarm will cause the green flashing light on control console to be replaced by red light flashing approximately once per second accompiened by ascending descending alarm increasing In decibels
To reset either move SCBA or hold reset button until 3 quick chirps heard


The full alarms will sound if no movement in how many seconds

12 seconds after pre-alarm starts

Loud continuous 3- tone alarm

Only be cleared by manually pressing reset button twice


The manual alarm can only be activated when then system is pressurized

False even if SCBA is not pressurized


If the sensor module sounds a chirp every two seconds and the green light on control module goes out than you know this to be

Low battery condition


If the PAK alert has a low battery condition it will not be able to go into full alarm

False can still go into per alarm and full alarm and will last as long as the longest cylinder

Must replace before using again


How do I test the batteries of the PAK alert

With PAK alert in off condition ( cylinder valve closed with no green flashing light
Check batteries by pressing and holding reset button on console
Green light good
Red light replace batteries before using again


Can you remove the batteries in PAK alert with air in system

No never


If a cutting tool is used to help with scan entanglement it is best to keep it where

Right pocket of bunker coat


If facepiece becomes damaged while operating a member should leave facepiece on and conserve as much air ass possible by covering the damaged area with one hand .. If damage is to extensive to be controlled with one hand then member should ?

1. Continue to cover as much damage as possible
2. Press manual shut off after each breath
3. If damaged area to large to allow regulator shut-off to release the use purge valve in o and off motion for each breath
4. Notify officer leave contaminated area with another member



Permits emergency replenishment of an approved SCBA breathing air supply cylinder on a users SCBA from approved. Air supply source while in use
Not a quick charge attachment and not for routine recharging of air , buddy breathing , transferring air from another SCBA and or any other unapproved use
The UAC is for emergency use only when the SCBA user is incapacitated within the hazardous atmosphere


Once SCBA is pressurized by opening cylinder the Pak alert will remain active till?

Cylinder turned off
Residuals Air pressure purged
Reset button is pressed twice



Immediately after 0900 and 1800 roll calls
Immediately b4 start o MUD


The company officer will supervise inspection of SCBA after start of tour .. He will make a journal entry and include the following ?

Names of inspecting members
Results of inspection


When checking the facepiece there should be how many head harness retaining buttons present



If during inspection or any other time , the nose cup assembly or voicemitter is found damaged or missing
what shall be done ?

Place facepiece OOS
Forward to MSU
OOD forward letterhead report to chief of ops via chain stating full particulars

Include in report :
1. Name of member discovering facepiece
2. Name of member who last used or inspected facepiece
3. Officer interview members involved


If a member cannot achieve a good seal with any of the facpieces available ( including the large and small ) what should be done ?

1. Immediately call safety command and MSU by phone
2. The company commander shall forward a report giving details and actions taken to bureau of ops
3. Member is not to operate in areas requiring SCBA until problem resolved


Kevlar head nets should be stored on the inside or outside of facepiece

Prevents the head net straps from entangling with thumb buckles


Quick release escape

Must transmit mayday 1st

Fully extend both shoulder straps
Left hand grasp left shoulder strap as high as possible
Right arm through right shoulder strap unbuckle waist belt
Left hand continues hold left shoulder member turn left 180 degrees to face entanglement
Right hand sweeps entire SCBA ( should keep cutting tool in right bunker pocket)
Place both hands on shoulder straps move away from obstruction


Reduced profile

Just fully extend right shoulder strap
Right arm through and grasp waist belt do not unbuckle
Right grasp waist belt left hand rubber bumper of cylinder then twist as far left as necessary
Use right hand to guide


When using swim move you should put what part of body against opening

Right knee right shoulder and head through studs
Left arm over left shoulder in swimming motion


Contaminated SCBA or components that cannot be cleaned or disinfected due to blood other body fluids shall

1. Be placed in double sealed clear plastic bag with biohazard label attached
2. Tag shall be attached to bag noting details of incident including known and suspected contaminants
3. Be placed on apparatus in appropriate location to pestered integrity of bag and shall be transported back to quarters
4. At quarters bag placed in light traffic area
5. Notify soc for pick up


When placing facepiece in hypochlorite solution immerse for no more than

5 min


When disinfecting the regulator assemble you should use 70 percent isopropyl ALCHOL in spray bottle a minimum if how many pumps of spray bottle

6 full pumps

Must thoroughly rinse( key component if SCBA integrity )

Shaking and opening purge valve are only acceptable wats to remove water


If SCBA has not had it's annual pmp by this date it should be forwarded to MSU ?

NOV 1st