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You should never use a chain saw to vent or overhaul at a structural fires?

False may be used a pier fires


What clothing must the operator of a chain saw and the control person wear at op

Long sleeve work duty shirt or bunker coat
Eye protection
Ear protection
Saw protected gloves
Bunker boots
Saw protected chaps


Starting chain saw procedure

1. Hold saw down on clear surface
2. Keep body to left of the chain .. Never straddle the saw or lean across
4. Hold the front handlebar on top behind guard with left hand
5. Pull starter with straight up with right hand

Notes always hold with both hands when running
Stand to left of chain saw never use cross handed grip
Proper grip.. Fingers encircled the handle with thumb wrapped around the opposite side from fingers


May you cut above chest high

No never


When cutting on slope chain saw operator should stand where ?

Always stand on the uphill side of the tree/log when cutting


What is a kerf

The space left behind the cutting blade as it cuts


When does pull- in occur when using chain saw

When chain on bottom of bar suddenly stops
When cutting downward

Notes occurs often when bumper spike is not held securely against tree and when the chain not rotating at full speed before it contacts wood


When does pushback occur

When cutting on the underside of log or limp with top of saw blade


The circle of danger when using the chain saw is

10 foot radius
Only saw operator and control man allowed in circle of danger

Officer should be outside 10 foot radius circle of danger if possible in a position to permit visual contact with the control person

Hands signals must be used between operator control member and officer

Saw refueling area outside circle of danger


What is the most dangerous kick back zone on chain saw

Upper 90 percent quadrant

Never make plunge cuts with tip of blade


When cutting a log keep chain parallel to the ground and cut straight through until you reach

Cut to the point 3/4 the width of log then remind the saw


Wood on the ground or standing timber which is under tension has first to be cut on ________ side . thereafter the cross gut must be finished on _______side.

Compression first

Tension next


Saws are to be examined and tested

Weekly as established by company commander


When transporting refueling or performing maintenance the saw must be in

OFF Position


If saw continues to spin at idle them

Place saw Oos


Carry the saw with the guide bar to the _____ when climbing _______. And to the ________ when going ______

To the rear when climbing uphill

To the front when downhill

Note safety brake on when transversing uphill, downhill and on uneven stufaces


Air filters on chain saws shall be examined

After each cutting op

Clean after each use choke to on position before cleaning


When replacing the chain of bar assembly on all chain saws the chain brake has to be

In off position . Before removal of side cover


To avoid pull-in with chain saw

Keep bumper spike in contact with wood


Chain Saw refueling will take place where

Outside circle


When chains of chain saw need resharping unit is to

Forward to tech services with rt-2