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LO1: ID main euk organelles and their func

-Cytoplasm- metab carbs, aa, nt. fatty acid synth.
-Lysosome- cellular dig.
-Golgi- Prot export. detox reacs.
-Mito- ATP synth.
-RER- mem synth. prot export. detox. prot synth. lipid and steroid synth.
-Nuc- Rna proc and ribos assemb. DNA synth and repair. RNA synth.
-PM- transp ions and small molecs.
-ribosome- prot synth.


LO2: Discuss bonds imp for macromolec struc and interac.

weak non covalent elecstatic interacs
- H bond eg pep bond
- ionic interacs
- hydrophobic interacs
- van der walls


LO3: expl diffs btw phob and phillic molecs in water.

- phob are non polar, do not form H bonds with water. Cluster together in water.
- phillic are polar, form H bonds with water.


LO4: expl concept of ph, pk and buffers.

- pH= -log[H+].
- pK= likelihood of dissoc to rel H+. low= donates. pos R grps high pK so acc H. pH less than pH=protonated.


LO5: gen struc off aa.



LO6: classif aa acc to sc props. how aa charge is aff by pH.

- aromatic- phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan
- polar uncharged- serine, threonine, cysteine, asparagine, glutamine.
- nonpolar aliphatic- glycine, alanine, proline, valine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine.
- neg- aspartate, glutamate.
- pos- lysine, ariginine, histidine.
-pI=pH where no overall charge. pI>7 is basic protein with mostly basic aa's. pH>pI=deprotonated.


LO7: how peptide is formed and key features.

COO- + NH3+ -----> H2O + O=C-N-H condensation reac
- All atoms of bond in same plane.
- No rotation about bond due to doub bond chars.
- Carbonyl O and amide H in trans conform.


LO8: how aa can infl pI of prot.

- acidic prots cont lot neg aa's and have low pI.
- basic cont lot pos aa's and high pI.