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LO2: recog struc compons D+RNA.

- gene= code for prot. chrom locat, same in ev indiv. hum 25000. euk v complex.
-genome= ent dna seq of organism. hum 22 autos and x and y. 3.bn bp.
-D+RNA nuc acids= polynt= lin polym of nt's.
nucleoside=nitrogenous base and sug. nt= base, sug and P by Pdiest bond on C5, neg P interac pos histones.
pentose sug: ribose RNA has OH on C2. 2 deoxyribose DNA.
-nitorgenous bases- purine 2 ring A,G. pyrimidine 1 ring C,T,U.
-nucleotides- eg AMP and CMP ribont= RNA build block. deoxyribont dAMP.
nomenclature- in rna base adenine, ns adenosine, nt AMP
dna base adenine, ns deoxyadenosine, nt dAMP.
-polynt= nt Pdiest bond.


LO3: expl polarity of D/RNA chain.

-5' to 3' sing str. 5' free phosphate, 3' free OH.


LO4: imp of H bond and bp in nuc ac secondary struc.

-G purine-C pyrim 3 H bond. alm same dist due to chem compos.
-A purine-T/U pyrim 2 H bond.
- na can form duplex strucs-complem and antipar str. D-D/RNA, or R-RNA. stable or temp. in vitro and vivo.
RNA stemp loops H bond btw antipar complem seqs eg tRNA.


LO5: key feats of DNA doub helix.

- sec struc. antipar strs dna. 2nm diam. 3.4nm compl turn. 0.34nm btw each base. R handed. min and maj grooves. asym, furth btw sugs=maj. due to chem struc of bp.


LO6: recog and apply conventions in repres D/RNA base seqs.

- top str 5' to 3'. no need to write doub str, always antipar complem.


LO1: how euk dna cond to nucleosome and how rel to chrom.

-2m dna in 6um.
histone octamer core with dna arnd=nucleosome, linker dna btw. = euchromatin, genes exp.
solenoid 30nm diam= heterochromatin, v tight, genes not exp.
chrom- heirarchical solenoid loops lot and scaff prots. 2 chromatids, p and q arms.