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*List the fat soluble vitamins

  • A
  • D
  • E
  • K


*List the water soluble vitamins

  • B complexes
  • C


What are provitamins?

Become vitamins after a chemical change


What is a vitamin?

what are they mostly involved in?

How are many destroyed?

  • Organic compound required in small amounts
  • Involved in biochemichal pathways
  • destroyed by oxidation


*Describe the general conditions under which vitamin supplementation should be considered

  • Animals on antibiotics (B and K)
  • on high grain diets or extended drought (A and E)
  • Poor quality diets
  • Housed animals, or further from equator (D)
  • Stress
  • Nervous/hyperactive
  • reduced appetite
  • anaemic


Vitamins need to be protected to maintain activity. Why?

  • To prevent oxidation
  • ie not destroyed before it is used by animal


*What is the function of VA?

  • Vision
    -VA under light causes impulse transmission to ooptic nerve
  • Epithelial growth and mucous membrane formation/protection
  • Free radical scavenger


Since there is no VA in plants, how to animals attain it?

  • converted to VA from cartenoid pigments eg. B-carotene in intestinal mucosa
  • High amount of these in forages


*List good dietary sources of VA

  • Grains poor source
    -except corn, which is high
  • Green leaves
  • egg yolk and milk fat
  • Decreases w/ cutting and storage of feed (hay)
  • Stored in liver


*List the symptoms of a VA deficiency

  • Tearing
  • night blindness (lack of rhodopsin)
  • reduced intake of feed
  • rough hair coat
  • reduced immune response
  • infertility


*What is the function of VD?

When is a lack of VD an issue?

  • Required for Ca metabolism
  • Can be synthesised in skin by exposure to UV light
  • Only  a problem for animals housed indoors
    -Metabolic Bone Disease (reptiles)


*What is the function of VK?

What does a VK deficiency cause?

  • Req. for synthesis of prothrombin
    -inactive precursor of thrombin (enzyme converting fibrinogen to fibrin)
    -controls bleeding
  • Deficiency causes internal haemorrhage
  • rodenticides, anticoagulants contain VK antagonists


*List sources of VK

  • Microbes synthesis enough for requirements
  • Green, leafy materials