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Is this tumor of the breast malignant or benign? How can you tell?

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You can see on far right that it is encapsulated


Is this tumor of the breast benign or malignant?

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It is invading and destroying adjacent cells [on right you can see 


Are these smooth muscle neoplasias benign or malignant? Naming?

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Left is benign: leiomyoma

Right is malignant: meiomyosarcoma


Are these squamous epithelial neoplasias benign or malignant? Name?

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Left is benign = squamous papilloma

Right is malignant = squamous cell carcinoma


Are these glandular epithelium neoplasias benign or malignant? Naming?

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Left is benign = adenoma

Right is malignant = adenocarcinoma


Which image is hamartoma and which choristoma? 

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Left = hamartoma

Right = choristoma


Which is parenchyma and which stroma in this carcinoma of colon?

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Left = parenchyma

Right = stroma


Name these plasias from left to right

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1. Hyperplasia [of lactating breast]

2. Metaplasia [of respiratory epithelium]

3. Dysplasia [of colonic epithelium]

4. Desmoplasia [of colon adenocarcinoma]


Do I need to memorize this?

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No idea


With normal left, abnormal right -- what is the change demonstrated? What is this called?

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Variation in size and shape

Cells and nuclei become less uniform


How are nuclei changed in abnormal? Whis is normal and which abnormal?

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abnormal nuclear morphology

higher nucleus: cytoplasm ration

large nuclei, irregular, hyperchromatic


Whis is abnormal and which abnormal? What is change in the cells?

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left is abnormal

right is normal

left shows increased proliferative activity

more cells undergoing mitosis

atypical shape



Whis is normal and which is abnormal? What is the change

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Left is normal

right is abnormal

Shows loss of architecture, haphazard growth, irregular glands


Which is benign and which is malignant? 

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Left = benign: very well differentiated

Right = malignant: less well differentiated


Which of these is normal squamous , which dysplasia, and which carcinoma un situ?

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- top right is normal

- bottom is dysplasia

- top left is squamous cell carcinoma in situ


Seems important but hard to make note card

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What type of plasia is this? [hint compare left and right sides of this image, left is normall]

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loss of cell uniformity/orientation


What cell change does the upper right side of this image of a tumor show? Why?

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Coagulative necrosis

Tumor has outgrown its blood supply, get ischemia


What type of stroma surrounding these neoplastic glands? What is this change called and what is its sgnificance

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densely fibrotic stroma

called desmoplasia

implies that these glands are invasive