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Is it permissible to reset the landing gear circuit breaker and retract the gear normally after an emergency landing gear extension has been made?



After how many seconds will the landing gear motor stop running?

16 seconds


To get three green gear position indicator lights to illuminate?
A. The three drag brace switches have to be made
B. The three downlocks have to be made
C. The triple fed bus has to be powered
D. All of the above are correct



How is the parking brake operated?

Push the brake pedals to build pressure in the line and then lock the hydraulic fluid on place by lifting the brake lever up. To release push brake pedals to equalize pressure and then push brake lever down.


How is the landing gear system powered?

An electric driven hydraulic pump.


What occurs when the flaps are set to 35 and the gear is still up?

The red gear light turns on and the gear warning horn sounds and cannot be silenced.


How do the brakes work?

By depressing the upper part of the rudder pedals which build hydraulic pressure in the lines and brake cylinders.


Will the gear extend normally when the BATT TIE OPEN light is illuminated and the center bus reads 28 VDC?

Yes, because the gear motor runs off the center bus


How is the landing gear held in the fully retracted position?

By hydraulic pressure in the system


Where is the landing gear hydraulic accumulator located?

Left wheel well


To what pressure is the hydraulic landing gear accumulator pre-charged to?

800 psi


The brakes are plumbed ......., resulting in brake pressure from each pilot being........?

series, cumulative


The retractable tricycle landing gear is ...... controlled and ....... acuated?

electrically, hydraulically


What does the red landing gear control handle indicate?

That the gear is in transit or unsafe.


What is the function of the hydraulic accumulator?

Aid in maintaining hydraulic system pressure while the gear is retracted.