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How many of what type of spark plugs do the PT6A-67D engines use?

Two spark type igniters per engine.


When the auto ignition is armed below what torque do the igniters activate?

750ft/lbs torque


To what SHP is the PT6A-67D engine flat-rated to?

1279 SHP


ow much air do the PT6A-67D engines use to centre the flame in the combustion chamber?

75%; the rest is used for combustion.


By what is the engine intake lip heated?

Engine exhaust air.


To what is the minimum fuel flow stop in the FCU set to?

90lbs/hr per engine


From where does the FCU receive inputs from?

- N1 flyweight governor
- prop lever
- condition lever
- power lever
- pneumatic bellows


Are the axial compressors more effective at low or high speeds?

Low speeds


If no ITT raise is indicated within ..... seconds after introduction of fuel, the start should be aborted.

10 seconds


When does the P2.5 compressor bleed valve start to close?

72% N1


Why does the P2.5 compressor bleed valve close at higher RPM's?

It is open in first place to allow air to escape the compressor stage as this would introduce too much air into the combustion chamber. As RPM's are increased the engine can cope with higher air intakes.


During a power increase, what indications will lead us into the conclusion that the compressor bleed air valve is failed in the open position?

- Higher ITT
- Lower torque


If the OIL PRESS LO annunciator comes on and the memory items have been completed, what torque setting should not be exceeded?

2000 ft/lbs.