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Does the avionics master switch turn on all the avionics?

All but the individual EFIS tubes.


How many buses are the avionics run off?

3 avionics buses, which in turn are run of the triple fed, left gen and right gen buses.


What causes the R AC BUS annunciator to illuminate?

Loss of 115 VAC on the right BUS.


What issue is at hand when both EFIS tubes on one side fail?

Display Processor Unit (DPU) failure.


Can the co-pilots attitude reference be transferred to the pilots side using the ATT reversionary switch when a XDTA warning is present on the pilots side?

Further, there will be a loss of No. 2 navigation information, and the DSP reversionary switch will be non-functional.


What should you do with the autopilot when a red DSP flag shows on a EHSI?

Disconnect it before transferring the nav data.


What does the white RDR PWR ON light indicate?

The radar is selected to a position other than OFF (on ground)


What is the first memory item upon activation of the GPWS warning?

Wings level.


When does the GNSS scale from enroute to APP ARM mode?

When within 30nm of destination?


What scaling does the GNSS use when changing from enroute to APP ARM mode?

It will scale down from 5nm left and right to 1nm left and right full deflection.


When does the GNSS change from APP ARM to APP ACT during and RNAV approach?

At 2nm from the FAF.


Under what conditions does the APP ARM mode change to APP ACTV mode during an RNAV approach?

When in APP ARM
In LEG mode
FAF is the active way point
Within 2nm of the FAF
Inbound to the FAF
RAIM is available.


What scaling does the GPS unit use when changing from APP ARM to APP ACTV mode during an RNAV approach?

It will change from 1nm to 0.3 nm left and right full scale deflection.