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What is a bactericidal Drug

One that can eradicate an infection in the absence of host defenses mechanisms; it will kill bacteria


What is a bacteriostatic drug ?

An antimicrobial drug that inhibits antimicrobial growth but requires host defense mechanisms to eradicate the infection


What is a Beta Lactam Drug ?

Drugs with structures containing a beta lactam ring including penicillins cephalosporins and carbapenems. The ring must be intact for the drug to work


What is a MIC

The lowest concentration of antimicrobial drug capable of inhibiting growth of an organism in a defined growth medium


What is a transpeptidase

A bacterial enzyme that is required for the cross linking of the bacterial cell wall


Can you kill a methicillin - resistant Staphlococci with infection with penicillin ?

No no class of penicillin can kill this bug


What are the narrow spectium penicillinase resistant penicillins

Mehticillin, oxacillin, and naficillin


What are cephalosporins ?

Beta Lactam drugs that act like penicillins but are more acid stable and can be taken with food. They are divided into 4 generations.


What would you use a first generation Cephalosporin for ?

Gram Positive Cocci E.Coli and Pneunomia
*Used for surgical prophylaxis


What would you use a second generation cephalosporin for ?

These have slightly less gram + activity and extended gram - activity. These are effective against anaerobic bacteria in sinus ear and respiratory infections


What would you use a third generation cephalosporin for ?

A resistant gram - infection such as beta lactamase producing nicceria and influenza


What is vancomycin ?

It is a bacteriocidial drug that binds to D-ala D-ala and inhibits transglycosylation which interferes with cross linking


Can a first generation cephalosporin be sued to treat meningitis ?

No because it can not cross the blood brain barrier


How is penicillin G administered ?

Im injection it can not be taken orally


Are penicillins susceptible to gastric acid ?

Yes they will be degraded by gastric acid


In addition to binding to Transpeptidase to inhibit cross linking in the bacterial cell wall what other function do penicillins have ?

They are autolysins which will break down the microbial cell wall


What is a sterol unique to fungal membranes



What are the primary drugs used to treat fungal infections ?

Amphotericin B and the Azoles


What is the mechanisms the Azols use to impede bacterial growth ?

Interfere with fungal cell membrane permeability in inhibiting the synehtsis of Ergosterol


What is an antifungal known to inhibit P405's